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Crypto News: Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork and Bitcoin Expansion in Latin America

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Cardano’s (ADA) Vasil hard fork is getting closer and investors would like to know whether this will bring better things to the whole ecosystem. Users are trying to understand how this could affect ADA and the whole network. 

At the same time, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to be adopted by large institutions around the world. One of the largest investment banks in Latin America is now offering a crypto trading platform for users. This could be the beginning of a larger BTC expansion in the region. 

Cardano (ADA) Vasil Hard Fork 

Blockchain networks tend to undergo regular upgrades that bring new features, help the network become more efficient, and pave the way to new solutions being implemented on top o fit. This is also the case of Cardano, which is going to be experiencing a new hard fork called Vasil

This hard fork is one of the steps that the community decided to take in the third development epoch of the project. The goal is to prepare the network to experience a new transition towards Basho, the fourth epoch on Cardano’s roadmap. The goal is to improve Cardano’s scalability and efficiency. 

Vasil’s hard fork includes different improvement proposals (also known as CIP or Cardano Improvement Proposals) that would make the whole network much more efficient and reliable. Some of these CIPs include CIP-31, CIP-32, CIP-33 and CIP-40. 

Compared to previous hard forks on the Cardano network (such as Alonzo), the Vasil hard fork might be just one of the main improvements for Cardano to continue evolving and offering better services. However, this will not be among the most remembered hard forks considering that other improvements had a larger impact on Cardano. 

Hence, Vasil is a key part of Cardano’s development with a lower profile compared to other hard forks that the network experienced in the past. 

Largest Investment Bank in LATAM Launches Bitcoin Trading Platform 

The cryptocurrency market continues to expand around the world with one of the largest investment banks in Latin America launching cryptocurrency trading through a platform called Mynt. Despite the fact that users will have the possibility to trade digital currencies, it is not possible to deposit or withdraw assets from the platform. 

This is a great option for institutional investors that want to get exposure to the cryptocurrency market and cannot do it without the solutions offered by investment banks. The investment bank called BTG Pactual launched its product at the same time as investment broker XP. 

Thanks to these two institutions offering new solutions to investors, it will be easier for larger investors to get easy access to virtual currencies through regulated platforms and brokers. Despite the fact that there are no deposits and withdrawals activated, it offers traders to gain exposure to the crypto market. 

In the future, we could see other investment banks adding similar solutions for traders and companies that want to gain experience trading digital assets. Companies all over the world are analysing the possibility to offer better solutions to clients by adding crypto support.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents