CryptoControl launches Bloomberg-like Trading Terminal for crypto

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CryptoControl’s Trading Terminal is a trading and information platform for traders, launched in beta version last week. The trading terminal is much like the bloomberg terminal but crypto-specific. Information relative to ICOs, Coins, Mining Pools, etc. Most importantly, it allows you to trade over 60+ top exchanges, giving you an opportunity to exploit this vulnerable market.

The terminal is available both on the web and as a native app. However, the web version comes with limited functionalities due to security issues. Security is a major issue in the crypto space, therefore all of your data is stored locally from API keys, to personal information and never on a server.

Currently, the terminal is in beta, which means we can expect more and more features to be added on in the coming weeks. These include Arbitrage Software, Sentiment Tracking, Research Papers, Transaction Graph Explorer and more…

Steven Enamakel, Cryptocontrol’s founder, talking about the launch of the terminal, said “We want the terminal to be the only tool that a crypto trader ever needs. An all-in-one place for a trader that gives you real-time information that when coupled with smart actions can assure you great returns. Sure, we’re emulating Bloomberg, but we’re also working on features specifically for the crypto niche. I’ve always been a fan of the Bloomberg terminal and I know the trading terminal will become an essential for a crypto trader in a few months.”

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Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson