Cryptocurrency Application Wants to Help Merchants All Over the World

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There is a new crypto mobile payment app that has launched a closed beta that allows users to load up virtual currencies and pay for products or services at different stores. At the moment, it is possible to use Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH) and other currencies. In the future other coins may be included.

App for Crypto Mass Adoption

The application known as Flexa allows users to take their phones. go for shopping and pay using virtual currencies. The system works in a very easy way, the user needs to tap a ‘flexcode’ and show it at the merchant’s POS terminal and complete the transaction.

One of the main intentions is to allow Flexa users spend Litecoin at Nordstrom and/or Bitcoin at Starbucks or any other shop in more than 35,000 locations worldwide.

The company has been founded back in 2018 by Kathleen pierce-Glimore, an important former PayPal executive, Trevor Filter, UX developer for American Express, Tyler Spalding, CTO for Raise, and Zachery Kilgore.

The twitter user @missnatoshi uploaded a video in which she pays using Bitcoin with the Flexa application.

The main intention is to transform payment platforms, eliminate fraud and give people freedom to choose the method of payment they prefer. But it is important to mention that it will be done without using any bank account or cards.

At the same time, the Twitter user @DrPopandLocks, commented:

“Just paid in bitcoin with @FlexaHQ at Starbucks. The transaction took LESS than 5 seconds. I’m absolutely blown away with how simple & easy this was. Will definitely be supporting this team.”

The company explained that they want to empower buyers and sellers and connect them using the virtual currencies they want. This is just one more company that is trying to help the crypto ecosystem grow by implementing new innovative applications.

The company wrote about the application:

“Through FNP, developers will soon be able to easily manifest the benefits of instant cryptocurrency spending for their own end users on the open Flex Network protocol. It’s hard to overstate how excited we are about this new initiative.”

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