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Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and Investor Buys $400 Million Dollars in Bitcoin

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Someone have been following cryptocurrency investment advices very closely. “Buy low, sell high.” An anonymous (fortunately) cryptocurrency enthusiast has invested over $400 million dollars’ worth of bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is being traded 50% cheaper than its all time high registered during the last December.

Bitcoin Massive Purchase

Since January, the cryptocurrency market has been losing the value gained during November and the first weeks of December. Bitcoin reached prices that the market has not seen since more than three months when it was traded under $6,000 dollars. Indeed, virtual currencies were moving towards $1trillion dollars market capitalization but they could not sustain themselves.

After dipping under $6K the market change direction and now, Bitcoin is being traded around $10,500. But there are some investors that believe that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have yet a lot of space to grow and develop.

According to the Bitcoin analyst, Andy Hoffman, this bitcoin address made the incredible purchase of $400 million dollars of Bitcoin between February the 9th and February the 12th. The cryptocurrency community over Telegram and Twitter has been debating about the possible owner of these funds.

Tetras Capital founding partner Alex Sunnaborg said:

“Not sure who that big buyer was, but many have bought this dip and have added since the rebound and additional regulatory clarity in the U.S. and Asia.”

Since some days, the bulls have been taking control of the market by moving the price from $6,000 up to $11,000 some hours ago. That is almost a 100% increase in just a few days. Most of the analyst are now thinking that the dip has ended and that a new bull run may be ready to start.

At the moment, there is no information about who this investor is or which is his price prediction for the future. Clearly, he is very confident that his investment will make him billionaire if not trillionaire.

Some predictions place Bitcoin price between $25,000 dollars and $50,000 dollars at the end of this year, while others believe that the price will grow even further.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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