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Cryptocurrency Locker: Monetize Web Contents With MinerLock

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MinerLock is a content cryptocurrency locker for your premium contents on the web that allows you earn bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies for your downloads and tutorial contents you want your readers or web visitors to pay to get access.

Instead of getting people to like or share your contents on social media platforms to gain access, it’s now possible to lock up your contents for some cryptocurrencies. A right cryptocurrency locker helps you achieve this with no effort whatsoever. You don’t even need to be a tech expert to get this done; in three easy steps, you are ready to start making money for your web contents.

With MinerLock, authors and web publishers can protect your downloads, different types of files, products, web links, applications and all other contents for the web. Various options of cryptocurrency deposits are available for your visitors; bitcoin, litecoin, ether, bitcoin cash, monero, dogecoin, or dash can be deposited through the widget displayed on the site quickly and easily. Whatever cryptocurrency deposited, MinerLock sends out your accumulated earnings in bitcoins straight to bitcoin wallet address.

Heavy files as large as 200mb can be monetized. The upload tool on the MinerLock cryptocurrency locker will also allow bigger files to be split into several parts. You can set price for your content either in bitcoin or USD value. Setting payments in bitcoin value may cause the price to increase or decrease due to market fluctuations constantly. Alternatively, when you set price for your contents in USD, it stays at the same rate.

How The MinerLock Platform Works

For Content Creators

  • Content creators upload their digital products, downloadable files, or readable contents to MinerLock, then set a price and cryptocurrency option preferred.
  • Publishers promote their links to potential buyers/audiences.
  • Audience/buyers can make cryptocurrency payments to specific wallet addresses generated and displayed on the MinerLock widget. The downloader gets access to what he paid for as payment gets confirmed on the blockchain.
  • Publishers are automatically paid for every payment made via the download page. Sellers are then able to withdraw funds from the platform to wallets of their choice.

For Buyers/Audience

  • Visitors who visit the protected links can select which cryptocurrency they wish to make payment.
  • Visitors make payment to the unique wallet address generated for the file.
  • After payment confirmation and transaction confirmation on the blockchain, access to the file would be automatically unlocked for 12 hours for every visitors IP address.
  • The content owner is then credited with the total amount paid by the buyer once the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain.

You earn with MinerLock for each download and shortened link unlocked through cryptocurrency payment. If you are a web content contributor/creator, and you have digital products for sale, the MinerLock is the best choice for you to monetize your contents earning cryptocurrencies.

Table of Contents


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