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John McAfee, the important cryptocurrency figure, thinks that the next bull run will be as strong as the ‘eruption of Krakatoa.’ On July the
10It seems that the latest spike experienced by the cryptocurrency market is a very bullish signal for crypto experts. The hedge fund billionaire, Marc
It seems that the world of virtual currencies keeps expanding and traditional financial institutions are trying to embrace them. Mastercard was able to win
Cryptocurrencies had a very positive day yesterday July the 17th. Bitcoin, for example, grew 10% in the last 24 hours. But most of the
Since the last year, Bitcoin hash rate has been increasing month after month. This is the power used by the Bitcoin network to create
The first two-way cryptocurrency ATM has been installed in the European island of Malta. The country has been a very active participant in the
CheapAir will be accepting Bitcoin payments through BTCPayServer after Coinbase shut down its merchant platform some months ago. The online travel agency will be
According to a research performed by BitMEX, Bitcoin block sizes has increased over 100% since the network implemented the Segregated Witness upgrade (SegWit) back
Bitcoin ETFs have been a dream in the crypto community for a very long time. These ETFs may be a good signal for the
We know that since December 2017, the cryptocurrency space is in a bear market and that Bitcoin lost over 65% of its price. Other
More shops are starting to accept cryptocurrencies for their products and services. This helps companies reduce costs and attract new customers. This time, Stephen
The millionaire investor Barbara Corcoran, said that buying a home with the famous virtual currency is the future itself. These are very positive comments
Bitcoin is in a bear market since December 2017, and it cannot recover to previous price levels. Indeed, the famous virtual currency has been
Cryptocurrencies are helping an important number of individuals and enterprises reduce costs and send and receive payments in a very easy way. A specific
Robert Shiller, a Nobel prize-winning economist, talked about Bitcoin and the implications it has on the economy. During an interview with Bloomberg dated on