Cryptocurrency And Virtual Reality Are Becoming Popular With Celebrities

· 28 Feb 2018 in Crypto News, Home, Press Release
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cryptoDespite the initial controversy regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, there is be significantly increased public interest on the topic among the general population, with several prominent celebrities leading the way.

In the Olympic realm, one athlete has set a different kind of record. Ted-Jan Bloemen, the Canadian speed skater, is the only athlete to have signed a sponsorship deal that is paid in cryptocurrency. Bloemen has clinched a year’s contract with two hi-tech backers, ONG Social, the popular social media platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and CEEK VR, a virtual reality developer whose hi-tech service offering could have a marked impact on athletes in the future.

Celebrities on cryptocurrency and the virtual world

Apart from the athletic fraternity, many celebrities from the performing arts have already spoken out about their enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies. In spite of high-profile investors going on record saying they felt digital coins were something of a “mirage,” to quote Warren Buffett, many stars have opined on the subjects of blockchain and digital currencies.

Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx and renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather have all posting about cryptocurrency for some time now. Although actively endorsing virtual currencies by celebrities might be a contravention of securities legislation at this stage, the stars are nonetheless open about their participation in ICOs and their cryptocurrency trading histories.

Other celebrity performers who have been seen to be involved in digital currencies include Dennis Coles. Also known as Ghostface Killah from the Wu Tang Clan, Coles co-founded Cream Capital in late 2017, hoping to raise some $30 million for a system of ATMs running on the blockchain. The system would be for the exclusive use of cryptocurrencies.

Celebrity voices are slowly growing louder

Although not performers, the Winklevoss brothers, Tyler and Cameron are celebrities in their own right. Bitcoin billionaires, they are most famous for successfully suing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for IP infringement years ago. Now comfortably making millions out of cryptocurrency, Tyler Winklevoss was also recently on record as advocating a long-term view and the intrinsic value of digital coins.

Back at the Olympics, Ted-Jan Bloemen will share his time at the premier sporting event with viewers on ONG as part of the deal, while also starring in a 360° virtual reality rollout by CEEK VR. The deal is structured in such a way that Bloemen will earn cryptocurrency rewards for his participation.

About the sponsors

ONG has proved wildly popular since its launch and grown rapidly. Their online blurb states that “ONG is all about community, privacy, encryption, and rewarding your content through the blockchain.”

CEEK VR is emerging as a new level virtual reality experience. Making inroads into Olympic sponsorship, the company’s new virtual experience platform can prove a valuable aid to athletic training, quite apart from enabling Ceekers to enjoy concerts and other events remotely.

The CEEK platform allows celebrity performers to mint their own coins for a concert, sell them on the blockchain as a cryptocurrency-enabled vendor and allow fans to participate via the CEEK headset. Such celebrity coins can be made within few minutes. For example if a celebrity choses to issue their tokens for a private event using CEEK, the market dynamics will come into play and the price of the tickets will be function of demand and supply, as opposed to fixed band pricing as we normally have. The technology ensures that gas used is almost 10% of what would be used normally and such tokens won’t come into legal ICO umbrella either!

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