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What is CryptX Terminal? An All-in-One Solution for Cryptocurrency Traders

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CryptX Terminal

Advanced traders are now able to have a new all-in-one crypto solution for all their trading needs, from indicators to exchanges and personalized analytics thanks to CryptX. CryptX is a cryptocurrency terminal that makes it possible for traders to get access to all their trading needs using just one platform. 

In the next sections, we are going to share with you why CryptX is one of the best platforms to trade virtual currencies. Additionally, we will go through their main features and share with you the most useful tools that this trading platform is currently offering. 

What is CryptX Terminal?

The CryptX terminal is a multi-functional cryptocurrency trading platform that features some of the most advanced trading solutions for individuals in the crypto industry. Users can get connected to several exchanges, use in-house reports to analyse the market, launch trading bots and more. 

These tools are very useful for traders that want to get access to the volatile and profitable cryptocurrency market without having to deal with a large number of interoperability issues. Nowadays, traders that want to have multiple functions have to use different platforms. This is why it is not convenient for them to analyse the market and trade with the tools they really need. 

Indeed, it becomes tedious for traders not to have all the information, trading tools and additional solutions in just one platform. This is why CryptX terminal is attracting investors from all over the world that want to improve their trading strategies in the cryptocurrency market.

The mission of the project is to offer a one-stop-shop for secure crypto trading activities. Investing in cryptocurrencies could be profitable, but having key and clear tools is also a very important thing to do. 

CryptX Terminal Characteristics

The team behind the CryptX terminal has created a solution for users that has many useful characteristics. These are just some of the main features offered by this platform: 

Get Connected to Exchanges

Having access to multiple exchanges at once is one of the most popular features of the CryptX terminal. When trade digital assets, we usually have one or two exchanges opened. This is not comfortable for experienced traders and it is still not enough to efficiently trade in the crypto industry. 

This is why CryptX terminal offers support to most of the largest exchanges in the market. In this way, you can follow and analyse all your trading activities in just one place. One of the advantages of this option is related to the fact that you could run Arbitrage strategies and reduce the inefficiencies present in the crypto market. 

Furthermore, you can also conveniently withdraw your funds from your exchange accounts within CryptX, sending them to another exchange or wallet. This is why CryptX became one of the best crypto terminals for users that want to get access to unique and advanced features while trading digital currencies. 

Build and Trade with Bots

We all know that most of the efficient trading activities in the market are already automated. No matter the type of strategy you follow, the work is usually done by a bot and algorithms rather than by humans. This is why having the possibility to use already-programmed bots and build your own bots in just minutes. 

You could let the bots follow different strategies that are linked to different indicators such as the MACD, the RSI or the Bollinger Bands, among others. It is up to you to decide how you build your own bot or which pre-programmed trading bot you use. 

This would reduce the time that you are looking at the charts and would let your advanced trading activities be executed without the need to manually check them and control them all the time. In this way, you could get effective results without having to be worried about how to create these bots: CryptX makes it possible in seconds. 

Best Pricing for Crypto Assets

No matter if you want to sell or buy virtual currencies, you always want to do it at the best price. Furthermore, you want to also make sure that you have a balanced portfolio and a clear overview of it. 

This is where CryptX makes it possible for users to check their terminal and the information about their portfolio and get the best prices of virtual currencies. You will never be caught off guard with all the information that the platform shares with users. 

You will get the latest information about your portfolio, your open positions and also the evolution of your assets. Everything is located in a simple-to-use and compact dashboard. 

Reports and KPIs

Let’s now move on to the analytic side of the platform. Users will be able to analyse their past performance as traders. They will get valuable data on trades, price trends and projections using the data generated by their own trades. 

If traders want to get more advanced data, they can also do so in minutes. They can track their progress and understand which investments were the ones that offered the largest profits. This would help them understand which things to adjust and which other strategies to implement. 

Having a clear understanding of their metrics, traders are able to improve their strategies and reduce mistakes in the future. Furthermore, they might be able to find a way to improve their trading bots and become more efficient while trading. 


The platform is now guided by experts in the financial and crypto markets. George Gvazava is the CEO and leader of this project. But he is not alone, Irakli Merebashvili is working as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Nana Tsiklauri is giving the best UX/UI solutions to CryptX users. 

CryptX Premise

The company wants to provide a full trading environment with a large number of features that would make it possible for traders to innovate and get access to the best tools for making informed decisions. This could have a clear impact on their earnings and gains over time (if properly leveraged). 

Finally, CryptX is now working with some of the most popular trading platforms in the market and it is offering unique trading bots and trading signals. This would help investors find the information they need to trade cryptocurrencies. 


CryptX is a cryptocurrency platform that aims at making it easy for investors to get access to all the necessary tools they need to efficiently trade in the crypto market. At the moment, the platform is expanding and attracting new traders, in the future, they would like to add more features and help investors trade in the cryptocurrency market in a more efficient way. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents