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Cyber Viking aims to protect users against the 600+ tracking attempts of the average browsing session

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Cyber Vikings

Cyber Viking is putting the basis of the most advanced security solution that includes a Security Protocol, a Decentralized Blockchain Database, and Decentralized Computing Processing.

This solution is meant to offer the ultimate online protection against unwanted ads, trackers, fingerprinting, crypto mining, ultrasound signaling, and many more. 

The need for security

Although the spread of internet usage facilitates efficient worldwide communication, the process of rapid digitalization leaves users open to quite a few risks.

Online privacy issues such as viruses exploiting personal information and activity tracking give anxiety to internet users even nowadays.

Centralized Computing Processes are slow and may take days, even weeks, to accomplish various tasks and adapt new complex models. 

Furthermore, their reliability is questionable. 

Using centralized databases leaves room for errors as well as creating space for data silos. Also, with a single point of failure, hackers have a much higher success rate. And even when we’re not talking about hackers, an inside operator may still mess around with the data for their own profit. 

Cyber Viking’s solution 

Cyber Viking’s decentralized security system is approaching the current issues internet communication faces with a complex ecosystem that will revolutionize online privacy.

Firstly, the Security Protocol will give users control over their privacy by blocking ads, trackers, fingerprinting, crypto mining, ultrasound signaling, and stopping 600+ tracking attempts in an average browsing session.

Secondly, the Blockchain Database will store the data as encrypted chunks on the blockchain. By encrypting data and using the private and public keys system, the information stored within the network will always be immutable and inaccessible even for parties within Cyber Viking, let alone hackers. 

And thirdly, the Decentralized Computing Process will provide faster and more reliable operations. Additionally, decentralized computing processes have a higher success rate of preventing inaccuracies and avoiding data silos.

The operations and the maintenance of the blockchain network will be sustained by an open, decentralized network of miners that will be rewarded 100 Cyber Viking Tokens (CVB) per block.  

Join the future of online privacy

The goal is to provide decentralized computational processing with secure databases under safe network connections. And in this regard, the CVB token will become essential.

From the supply of 50 billion CVB, 15% will be manually burnt, and only 30% are up for sale in multiple rounds.

The first round has started on June 10 and will end on June 21. And although the project has just begun, the price is going parabolic already.

So don’t miss out.

You can get your own CVB from PancakeSwap or the official website.

Keep an eye on Cyber Viking’s evolution by following the project on Twitter and joining the official Telegram channel:

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cybervikingsorg 

Telegram: https://t.me/cybervikingsorg

Table of Contents


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