DATA Cryptocurrency (DTA) is Now on Github

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With the growth of online advertising industry, there are different challenges that must be solved. We can mention limitations of centralize internet advertising, severe ad fraud, and the bargain between user experience and online advertising.

Every single year millions of dollars are lost because there is no trust in the ecosystem. But blockchain technology can solve these problems in an effective way.

DATA is Now on Github

This is not all the information that we have about DATA. On June the 30th, the company announced on Twitter that it the project it is now available on GitHub.

The company is very excited about it because it opens incredible opportunities for developers and interested individuals.

DTA price has been growing in the last days and its price was near to $0.007 dollars after growing more than 2% in 24 hours.

What is DATA?

DATA is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) trust alliance that aims to improve the relationship between advertisers and the community. Using AI technology to prevent and avoid fraud, DATA aims to be the company that would solve a general problem that is affecting the industry since very long time.

It is true that there are several other competitors out in the market that want to help the industry, but they all forget about the main issues and focus on very specific things and details. We are talking about AdChain, AdEx, and Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Competitors: AdChain, AdEx and BAT

AdChain is an Ethereum-based protocol that registers all domains that have been non fraudulent according to the token holders. Indeed, the company has developed a voting mechanism that allows the community create a whitelist of advertisers that do not use fraudulent methods. Compared to DATA, this is an ineffective way to solve the problems that the industry faces. Indeed, DATA wants to use AI to prevent fraud in the ecosystem.

One of the main differences with DATA is that AdChain does not have its own blockchain, but instead It relies on Ethereum. It is important to mention that it is not clear how it will be possible to add all the websites that are created every single day to the list.

The last thing to mention about AdChain is that it cannot avoid fraudulent sites from voting and adding websites that are not compliant with the requirements to be on the whitelist.

AdEx is a different company that has decided to create a decentralized ad exchange platform. The main purpose behind it is to offer ad solutions at low cost advertising. But DATA thinks in a different way, it allows users and publishers to be rewarded for their contribution and reputation.

Finally, the Basic Attention Token aims to improve the efficiency of the digital advertising market by using an ERC-20 token. In the same way as AdChain, the company is based on Ethereum, but DATA uses its own blockchain.

The token used at BAT’s platform is centralized compared to the one used by DATA. While DATA can be used everywhere on the internet, BAT tokens can only be used only in their platform. Due to the lack of AI technology, BAT is not able to prevent fraud in the ecosystem. DATA is able to solve this situation with the product that they have developed.


DATA enables the community to have a better relationship with advertisers and get rewarded for their contribution. With AI technology it would be possible to prevent fraudulent activities in the ecosystem.

It is important to mention that DATA will be implementing a 4-layer structure that include a P2P decentralized mobile storage layer, an SDK management layer, a blockchain layer and an application process layer.

After comparing DATA with other ICOs in the market, we see that the comprehensive solution is the one provided by DATA and its 4-layer structure. No other company in the market is currently challenging fraud in the ecosystem as DATA is doing.


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