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Deesse Team Warns about Scams

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Tokyo, Japan, 16th December, 2021, Chainwire

The blockchain-enabled enjoy-to-earn card placement game Deesse announced that its early-round seed funding was closed, with a whopping $2 million raised, reported on Dec 7th, 2021.

The Deesse team issued a scam alert this Monday, stating there are scam public sales targeting fans using Deesse’s brand name and IP. Some could even be tracked from restricted areas. 

In a recent Twitter post, it mentioned Deesse tokens have not been minted or on sale yet. All official announcements regarding the sale will be available on the official Twitter account.

The group also alerted investors to not share wallet keys or provide email addresses or passwords to anyone. “The security of followers and their accounts is very important to us,” said the Deesse team, “FAKE groups, misleading information, and fraudulent posts pretend to be partners that they have authorized. Please be aware that there’s no ongoing public sale currently.”

Deesse’s team tried to take those scams in a positive way and will launch the Goddess NFT sale very soon. The good news for the Deesse team is that it looks like the project is gaining traffic in the current market and the team is looking forward to crypto natives participating in the project after the official social media announcement.

About Deesse

Deesse is a Blockchain-enabled enjoy-to-earn card placement game. Deesse aims to disrupt the enjoy-to-earn ecosystem with a focus on sustainability and matured gaming tech/art support, building a enjoy-to-earn mobile game with combats. Goddesses in Deesse are collectible NFTs that are an integral part of the gameplay. Players can form countless unique strategies based on Goddesses equipped with different weapons and equipment.

Official Deesse Links

Offical website:https://deesse.art/






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