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DFSCoin – The Fantasy Sports Cryptocurrency

If you’re a reader of my blog, you may know that a few months ago I wrote an article about DFSCoin – A cryptocurrency created especially for fantasy sports. DFS have come a long way since then.  The Crypto Fantasy Sports currency – DFSCoin is now listed on CoinExchange

What Does This Mean For DFSCoin?

It means that their idea is now alive. When I wrote about them on July 30, they only had an idea and a team ready to work to make DFSCoin the main cryptocurrency for fantasy sports. Right now they have the DFSCoin listed on CoinExchange with a 100 satsohi per DFS current rate. This is not expensive at all. In fact, it’s really decent and if the developers will continue working on it as they did until now – 7000-8000 satoshi per DFSCoin sounds like a reasonable target in the long term.

Besides investing in it, you can use it for the purpose it was created – Fantasy sports. The DFSCoin team already have a website called DraftDaily where you can use you DFSCoins. You can also sign up an account with them to have more options like creating a lineup, purchasing DFSCoins directly from them or referring a friend.

Another thing I like about DFSCoin is its POW/POS Algorithm. Their 8% interest per year is a great POS percentage for a cryptocurrency. Its low price make DFSCoin a potential great investment if you’re looking for a long term one.

DraftDaily, also have daily contests with a low entrance fee. With only 1000 DFS you can participate to 450K TD Pass with a 450,000 DFS Prize Pool. Of course, there are lower ones. With 100 DFS coins you can participate to a 10 people contest with a 900 prize pool. You can easily start your own account with DailyDraft and even invite a friend of yours and earn 35% revshare for a lifetime.

If you’re a fan of the cryptocurrencies and the fantasy sports – you can always help the community. doesn’t matter if you’re referring a friend, playing on their contest or buying DFSCoin – you’re helping the fantasy sports community. On the DFSCoin website, you can also find some information about how to start mining DFSCoin.

What’s next for DFSCoin?

After being successfully listed on CoinExchange, people actually have a place where they can buy DFSCoin from. But this is only the beginning. The developers actually plans to list DFSCoin on Cryptopia and other exchanges as soon as possible. If you want to know the latest news be sure to check out their bitcointalk thread and their Slack page. In case your want to speak more with their team, you can always send them an email.

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