DINNGO Aims To Use Bluetooth To Create Next-Gen Exchange

ยท 04 Sep 2018 in Crypto News

DINNGO Aims To Use Bluetooth To Create Next-Gen Exchange

DINNGO, a new hybrid crypto exchange will be launching soon. The platform will integrate cold wallets with a mobile device using Bluetooth technology—allowing users to trade and exchange coins securely from anywhere.

Since cryptocurrencies stared gaining mass popularity, the number of hacks and security breaches on crypto exchanges has been on the rise. A recent report indicates that investors have lost over $2.3 billion on centralized exchanges (CEXs) and this has increased the need for decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Decentralized exchanges give users the ability to retain control over their wallets and coin holdings outside of the exchanges ecosystem.

Still, DEXs have disadvantages. One limitation of decentralized exchanges is the limited coins offered because of the inability of connecting certain blockchains. For example, Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges can only trade ERC20 tokens. This limits traders from accessing other exciting crypto coins.

It is this problem that DINNGO, a hybrid of the two types of exchanges is trying to solve. Led by of Hsuan-Ting Chu, the CEO and a team of developers, the platform is developing a mobile and cold wallet exchange that will allow users to keep their private keys and funds without any speed or efficiency tradeoffs.

The Singapore-based crypto exchange will offer smooth Bluetooth integration that will connect offline cold wallets to mobile devices.

It will also integrate the centralized exchange’s ability to trade coins and tokens across different chains and protocols on its platform through its smart matching engine for a transparent, secure, efficient, instantaneous and fair exchange of values.

Commenting on the goal of DINNGO, Hsuan-Ting Chu said:

“We see an obvious gap in the market with what is currently on offer to crypto investors and traders. We want to provide a secure, efficient and reliable exchange that can deliver all the peace of mind that comes with a decentralized exchange and the user experience of a centralized exchange. The way our mobile app integrates with our cold wallet is unique, and we think it can change the way people trade crypto.”

What do you think of DINNGO, a revolutionary hybrid crypto exchange? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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