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Domination Overview And Review

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The team behind Domination describe it as a “Massive Online Collaborative Strategy Experience” (MOCSE) because the game relies heavily on collaboration. The game is built on the Solana blockchain. Like Risk the board game, it takes place on a map that is split into zones.

What Makes Domination Unique?

Because Domination is faction based, prior to enlisting in any campaign, players must be a part of an existing faction. At the beginning of every campaign, the respective faction’s Kaizen will be deployed to different zones on the maps (each faction typically has a separate zone). The default mode of the campaign will end when the final remaining faction has occupied all zones of the maThe game is a concurrent game that typically involves two players playing simultaneously.

In order to make this happen, the players are across a variety of time zones, and the game is divided into time cycles or periods. The duration of these periods can vary in length based on the settings of the game. The developers are also planning to create facilities that allow customized cycle times and blackout times, we believe 24-hour cycles will become the standard. 


This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start with Domination. It will describe the type of game, what you need to play, the roadmap, the team, and so on. And since this is an NFT game, feel free to expound your knowledge on these digital assets by checking out our comprehensive guide on what is an NFT. This other guide will teach you how to make an NFT from scratch.

What Type Of Game Is Domination?

The Domination gameplay involves factions that work together to create a coordinated strategy. However, the commands (moves) are given to each player. The objective is straightforward: take control of every single zone within the maps. Although the game’s gameplay is like a turn-based strategy game, players must submit their commands at the beginning of each cycle (a cycle) each time, and the commands are completed simultaneously at the conclusion of each cycle. Teamwork is a crucial aspect of achieving success. Therefore, the game requires participants to make plans together, work together, and they will win.


Players who are in Domination represent themselves through the Kaizen NFTs they keep inside their wallets. A wallet can contain many Kai, each one could be a representation of one Kai in a game and an active Kai playing in the game can not be engaged in another. Additionally, although the wallet can contain multiple Kai, it can only be associated with a single faction. The main factions are community-run guilds and currently operate under the supervision of the Kaizen Team. The aim is to provide the most autonomy to the factions, so they are able to be autonomous drivers of innovation.

  • Crystal Thunder
  • Akaizen
  • Fortun


Kaizen was born from the dying world that was brought to the edge of an apocalypse due to an unstoppable global war. The rapid climate change has transformed once fertile regions into barren wastelands known as Fallout regions that have now become a major problem for the planet. The coastal cities are now in ruins or are submerged because of the dramatic increase in global sea levels. The Earth was spared total destruction due to the growth of a group dubbed Kaizen Corps, but restoration efforts on the global scale are yet to be launched. The nations that formed the original Kaizen Corps have since fractured into three distinct factions which fight for dominance over territory. Kaizen Corps represents the final hope of the world.


What Is Domination’s Unique Selling Point (USP)?

The Kaizen Corps’s first collection of NFTs Kaizen Corps (KAI) is in limited quantity and offers the highest benefits and use. The developers are working on a system that allows Kaizen NFTs as well as other assets to be lent in exchange for loans. The player who lends the NFT can earn a portion of the reward of those who lease the NFT. The rental system is based on per game, not for a set amount of time.



Domination game website doesn’t have a roadmap, which means there are no details about how development is progressing.

What Is Domination Use-Case?

A massive online collaborative strategy experience (MOCSE) with play-to-win rewards, a sustainable economy, and the ability to build almost anything in the world. Players can play in teams, with each team competing against another and earning rewards based on their performance.

What Is Domination’s Monetization Strategy?

Win-to-Earn is an evolution of Play-to-Earn. While the majority of Play-2-Earn games reward players for taking part in the game. In Domination, players earn the most reward by winning the Campaigns (games). The Reward System focuses on rewarding the most powerful factions and their leaders using the $DOM token. Every fresh Domination Campaign is a clean start as well. Kaizen Stats are reset at the beginning of each game, which gives a chance to any side in the game to win.

What Is Domination Tokenomics?

$DOM is not an ordinary game currency, but it is intended to purchase items in the game. $DOM is the heart of Domination, it powers not just the economy in the game but also powers different aspects of the game. The game has two major aspects to consider when making the right balance between the reward system and determining the distribution of rewards:

  • A balanced and sustainable economy
  • Stable supply

Who Is The Team Behind Domination?

The game developers of Domination are non-doxxed which means no information is available about them to the public.

Who Are The Partners Behind Domination?

The game developers of Domination have not yet announced if they have some investors and partners working with them. The game is still in its early stages, but it is likely that some of the investors will be revealed in the near future

What Was Domination’s Release Date?

Domination is currently in Alpha, and we don’t have a final date for the official launch. If you’re interested in learning more about Domination, check out the official website.

When Was Domination Pre-Sale?

Domination NFTs are already available at Magic Eden and Fractal NFT marketplace. If you want to buy the game NFTs follow the links below:

Final Thoughts

Domination is still in the early stage of development, and it’s hard to say if it will dominate its niche. However, if the game developers work hard, it will meet players’ expectations and become one of the most popular games in the community. That said, that is all for now about this exciting game on Solana. 

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to share your opinions and queries in the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you found this information useful, consider sharing it with your friends on social media.

Official Website And Social Accounts

Website: https://domination.gg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KaizenCorpsNFT

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dominationgg

Medium: https://kaizencorps.medium.com

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