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Doubly Pens Pact For Insurance Product Funding Money Back Guarantee

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London, United Kingdom, February 16, 2019. – Doubly, an Artificial Intelligence-aided cryptocurrency trading system has signed a deal with an insurance provider to offer a cover for its money back guarantee program. The contract entered into by Doubly, and Financial Global Insurance Solution Limited (FGI) will see the insurer fork almost US$ 40 million per month to ensure the crypto trading engine does not suffer a cash crunch when traders recall their investments.

The insurance cover will allow Doubly customers that want a way to cash their investments and leave the trading system stable irrespective of the cash they take with them. Moreover, the pact offers another product which protects the platform’s trade from the harsh effects of cryptocurrency volatility. While lauding this partnership as a game changer, Double remarked in its website that the deal is “one giant Step to the future!”

The Insurance Pact Between Doubly and FGI

Doubly wants to give its users the convenience of cashing out whenever they want, and FGI is footing this bill for between 20 and 30% of Doubly customers’ investments. The rate that FGI shall charge, however, is dependent on the specific investment package a customer holds.

The pact will see FGI offer Doubly a couple of insurance products that will transform it into the most preferred cryptocurrency trading platform. The first product is a cover to the tune of US$ 39 million per month, which enables Doubly to pay off users that want to withdraw their investment in the platform. In the arrangement, the cash invested by the Doubly users become readily available whenever they need it. For the convenience of cashing out at any time, Doubly users will part with a certain percentage of the invested amount depending on the package an investor holds.

This deal is twofold. Aside from making invested cash readily available to the Double platform users, it also ensures that the system runs as usual without glitches that a cash crunch may occasion.     

The second product is more platform-centric; it is a cover that protects the trades made by Doubly. According to the deeds of the deal, Doubly will get another US$ 15 million per trading session to cover for any losses that may arise due to market turbulence.

Both deals were arrived at after thorough scrutiny of the business features of Doubly. FGI is a diligent company whose procedures are rigorous. For instance, they had to carry out an in-depth study of the crypto trading platform before they could draw a pact with Doubly. Some of the aspects that the FGI investigations covered include a look at Doubly’s books, trading volumes, and successes, expenses as well as liquidity.   

The stated processes are essential if every party is to benefit from the deal that arises as a result. For instance, the approval that FGI gave Doubly almost instantly elevates the platform and its products. Besides, the partnership will enhance the Doubly’s user experience.

The Nitty-Gritty of the FGI – Doubly Insurance Pact

The insurance pact between FGI and Doubly defines how crypto trading platforms will operate going forward. The US$ 39 million that FGI shall advance every month covers the needs of Doubly users that want to cash out their investment.

The convenience of this money back guarantee means that Doubly users can liquidate their investments and access their cash whenever they want it. The cash release will be available soon since Doubly has already accomplished every requisite adjustment and customers can request for their money quickly from the website.

The second deal, on the other hand, ensures that Doubly’s trades are safe and that the platform’s liquidity remains constant.

How Doubly Makes its Users Rich

The Doubly system is an AI-aided bot that is connected to many of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. These trading platforms give out vast amounts of data, which the Doubly system aggregates into important trading tips and signals. Besides, the trading engine has an integrated internal ranking system, which evaluates every bit of information both from the exchanges as well as the trading data from within the engine.

Doubly has a self-learning feature, which means it keeps improving its trading results. The improvements come from the manipulations of the data gathered from the various sources as well as its history of past trades. 

The improvements that Doubly has achieved so far have raised the profit margins to between 6 and 10%, and this is after adjustments. It means that Doubly’s outlook of the crypto trading market remains better than ever.

Doubly combines these great outlooks with its inbuilt ranking system to further refine the data and signals from the exchanges. The ranking system and the self-learning feature jointly improve the outcome of each trade.

More information about Doubly is available on the website.

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