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Edensol Overview and Review

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Edensol is a revolutionary gaming metaverse that combines fun-packed action with the use of groundbreaking NFTs (non-fungible tokens), on a platform built on Solana’s blockchain. Players can earn rewards in NSOL tokens, which they can use to buy in-game items like tools or characters. Some of these items are represented by rare and collectible Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which have real-world value.

What Makes Edensol Unique?

Edensol is combining the best features of Path of Exile and Diablo 3 to offer players an unprecedented array of special gear upgrades that can be earned through play. Players can choose from among three main character classes: Warriors, Rangers, and Mages. Each has unique strengths and weaknesses. Each Hero embarks on their own unique journey to hunt monsters, or alternatively challenge other players in one-on-one combat for ultimate supremacy.

With its landscapes, characters, and storylines, Edensol’s game offers highly engaging and addictive gameplay that has the potential to reach a global audience. Edensol aims to become the next popular NFT game by offering addictive gameplay, a wide range of valuable NFT collectibles, and a gaming ecosystem with high ambitions. If the NFT concept is new to you, check out our comprehensive guide here.


If you’re new to this game, this is the place to start. We’ll tell you what kind of game it is and how to get started playing. Therefore you can expect to find out about the game features, gameplay, tokenomics, team, partners and so on.

What Type Of Game Is Edensol?

Edensol is an epic fantasy RPG created by Golem House and Three Towers game studios. It has addictive gameplay with rewarding play-to-earn features and rare collectible NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Edensol has 4 exciting game modes including:

PvE Explore a vast and varied landscape in PvE mode on the quest to hunt and fight monsters, earning NFTs and real-world currency.

PvP Face off against other players in PvP combat to see who is the ultimate battle master. Earn $NSOL from battle outcomes.

Guilds Form alliances with other players and fight alongside them in guilds. Share your NFTs and assets to earn more $NSOL.


  • Epic Guild Raids – Lead your guild of friends through perilous dungeons, and earn special non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a reward.
  • Endless Dungeon – Dive into a bottomless dungeon and face the challenges that await you. The deeper you go, the higher your chances of winning!
  • Land Wars – Join a guild and cooperate with other players to own valuable land, or try to conquer it from other guilds.
  • Amusing Quests – Every day, new quests will appear on the map. Complete these quests to earn rewards.
Edensol Challenges


At this time, there is no storyline available for the Edensol game. The story of the game is currently in development and will be released soon. We’ll let you know as soon as we have any updates!

What Is Edensol Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Edensol has developed a concept of gaming Metaverse that is in contrast to the existing competitors’ concepts. In addition to providing a deeper and richer game experience, Edensol’s use of non-fungible tokens allows gamers to earn money and for token holders to earn interest. The merger of NFTs with gaming takes the Edensol experience to a new level, creating a Metaverse with “blue sky” growth prospects for all participants.



Edensol has a short but informative roadmap on its website. Some milestones have already been completed, and they are in the progress of adding some features and updates to the game. Follow this link to see any new developments with the project. 

What Is Edensol Use-Case?

Gamers can purchase tools and add-ons that enable them to excel at their favorite games. Many popular games, including World of Warcraft and Minecraft, offer players in-game assets and in-game currencies. Although they can be bought with money, these assets hold no value outside of the game. Edensol solves the problem of game ownership by allowing players to keep ownership of all their in-game items and currency through tokenization. In Edensol, all the items are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). You can earn NFTs during battles, or buy them with the native currency of the Edensol economy, NSOL. Edensol automatically creates and links a crypto wallet to every in-game account, which can be used to store NFTs as well as NSOL and any other cryptocurrency.

What Is Edensol Monetization Strategy?

Edensol offers a unique, unparalleled experience that eliminates the stigma that games are a waste of money and time.

  • The game is challenging, requiring players to make quick decisions and develop skills over time. Skill-based video games have been shown to improve player health in a variety of ways.
  • Earn large financial rewards by playing well. Use your NFT characters with unique characteristics and powers, and level them up by playing against other players. When you level up, your characters unlock new powers and you earn cosmetic rewards that make the characters more stylish and unique.
  • Players can win rewards by betting NSOL tokens against other players one-on-one, or during regularly-held Edensol tournaments with sweepstakes. You can bet both on yourself and on other players.
  • Winning tournaments, which are watched by audiences from around the world as recorded events or in real-time, is a sure way to become a media star.

What Is Edensol Tokenomics?

How to get NSOL tokens?

  • Trading them for other cryptocurrencies
  • Winning NSOL tokens by playing games
  • Betting on the outcome of battles
  • Guild members share rewards earned with one another

The allocation of $NSOL tokens is shown in the chart below:


Who Is The Team Behind Edensol?

Edensol is a game created by Golem House and Three Towers game studios. The team behind Edensol is a group of skilled artists and developers who are dedicated to creating games that are as fun to play as they are beautiful to look at.


Who Are The Partners Behind Edensol?

Edensol is backed by some of the biggest and best-known names in crypto. In addition to these partnerships, they’re working with several other companies who are building out their blockchain ecosystem.


What Was Edensol Release Date?

Edensol is already available to play and it was launched last July 25, 2022. If you’re interested in playing Edensol, follow this link. 

When Was Edensol Pre-Sale?

Earlier this year, Edensol held a sale of their first NFTs, which sold out in 7 hours. The last Edensol Rare Warrior NFTs Sale on MagicEden is the second of a series of sales on the leading launchpad on Solana.

  • Launch date: 14th July
  • Whitelist buy: 2 PM UTC
  • Public buy: 3 PM UTC

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to play it or not, we hope that this Edensol game review has proven informative. The developers have some plans to add more features to the game and we wait to see if this will be game-changing. Like all games of its kind, Edensol is a labor of love by its dedicated development team. Those interested in staying informed can follow and connect with the Edenslol’s community on social media.

That said, feel free to share your opinions on this exciting game and questions in the comments section below, and we will get back to you in no time!

Official Website and Social Accounts

Website: https://edensol.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EdensolGame

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/VhCRRsNxvM

Telegram: https://t.me/edensol_global

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/edensol

Medium: https://medium.com/@edensol

Table of Contents


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