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Eizper Chain Overview and Review

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Eizper Chain

Eizper Chain is a blockchain-based action role-playing game with a F2P/PNE concept. The game features an art style that blends high fantasy and steampunk, with high-quality graphics, an in-game economy powered by Solana blockchain technology, and a rich backstory. In November 2021, the Eizper Chain team took third place at the Global Solana Hackathon Ignition. They competed against more than 5000 projects from all over the world.

What Makes Eizper Chain Unique?

Eizper Chain, through its unique combination of NFT and blockchain technology, provides a new and innovative form of gaming that is Free to Play and Play and Earn. The developers wanted to pair that with other elements they felt were necessary for a successful game. Things like artful graphics, engaging stories, and innovative gameplay. Bringing together the best of blockchain-based gaming and traditional video games will allow this game to appeal to all types of audiences, from token holders and NFT collectors to casual gamers. How good is your NFT knowledge? Feel free to check out our comprehensive guide on NFTs. This other guide will teach you how to make an NFT from scratch.

The name “Eizper” derives from the word ESPer, which stands for Extra Sensory Perception. This means someone who can receive information not through physical senses, but through the mind. It was inspired by the world depicted in the Eizper Chain game. It was once a beautiful place but became a nightmare world infested with chimeras.

Eizper Chain

This guide aims to educate you on everything you need to know to get started with this game. Therefore, if you’re new or a pro player, you will find some information that will prove helpful on your journey. 

What Type Of Game Is Eizper Chain?

Eizper Chain is a blockchain-enabled multiplayer role-playing game developed and published by Eizper, powered by Sangnila. Eizper Chain’s gameplay is a combination of adventures and arena battles. In the adventures, players roam the fantastical world of Eizper, guided by an intriguing epic story full of surprises. When you’re in an arena battle, you can compete against other players to earn rewards and win recognition.


Eizper Chain

Adventure contains a variety of NPC characters with their own unique personalities and stories. From miners, medics, and officials to merchants with colorful wares, the history of the city is filled with all sorts of people. Listen to them, learn what they want, and help them fulfill their dreams.


For competitive players, Eizper Chain also has a PvP feature for you. Visit the Warrior’s Den in Windenfel to make use of it. Register yourself, get your equipment ready, and prepare for the challenges ahead. Arena Battle gives you the chance to duke it out with the various creatures who inhabit Eizper’s world or challenge other players to combat.


Start your own Guild by purchasing a Guild Emblem, or join an existing Guild and play with your friends. You can go on missions together, explore dungeons, and challenge other guilds in an arena that integrates seamlessly into the game. You can also try out your guild members’ weapons, armor, and skill crystals by borrowing or gifting them. You can venture into deep and dangerous dungeons, or you can contribute to your guild to become a top player.


Eizper Chain

Eizper’s tale began with a story, and that story started with a word, the word of Eizper spoken by mouth and handed down by minds, transcribed and it is written conscientiously by quills and scrolls for a long time.

You can check out the full story here.

What Is Eizper Chain Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Eizper Chain has several distinguishing features that make it different from other blockchain-based games: it has a multi-tiered weapon and armor system, unlike any other blockchain-based game. Not many games have similar concepts. Additionally, Eizper Chain has a multiplayer system to increase the excitement of the game and prevent boredom. The multiplayer system is an element that will allow the developers to create an e-sport tournament within the game.


The Eizper Chain team is making an effort to keep the game roadmap updated, but all milestones are subject to change. You can refer to this page for the upcoming updates of the game.

What Is Eizper Chain Use-Case?

Eizper Chain gives traditional gamers a chance to experience blockchain technology in a user-friendly game. If you try Eizper Chain and go to the marketplace, you can log in using your email address to create an Eizper wallet. For traditional gamers who want to play, there is no need to create your own wallet. Connect your NFT or Phantom Wallet to the game to play.

What Is Eizper Chain Monetization Strategy?

Eizper Chain uses a real economic model that is different from most blockchain projects, which only give income as incentives. Currency incentivization is a way that game developers can reward players in their blockchain game by printing new currency to give them a big reward. Eizper Chain encourages players to interact with the game and explore the Eizper realm. Players can level up characters and upgrade armor and weapons, and then mint NFTs. The game allows the player to earn money gradually, which increases as time passes.

Eizper Chain

What Is Eizper Chain Tokenomics?

EIZ is the utility token used on Eizper Chain. Its total supply will be 1 billion tokens. The Eizper Chain economy is powered by two distinct tokens, Gold and EIZ. Gold is used as an off-chain in-game currency, while EIZ is available only on the blockchain.

Who Is The Team Behind Eizper Chain?

The information behind the team of Eizper Chain is not available to the public. You can only see their cartooned photos in its whitepaper.

Eizper Chain

Who Are The Partners Behind Eizper Chain?

Eizper Chain has not yet announced any partnerships with other companies or organizations.

What Was Eizper Chain Release Date?

Eizper Chain’s full game release which many have been waiting for is still being worked on. However, it is unknown when the game will be released. If you are interested in playing Eizper Chain, check it out using this link.

When Was Eizper Chain Pre-Sale?

As of this writing, Eizper Chain NFT and token pre-sale are not yet available to the public. We are not sure when it will be available, but we will let you know when it does.

Final Thoughts

Eizper Chain game has some interesting mechanics like the ability to upgrade your characters and unlock new abilities for them. The game also has a lot of content for players who want to engage with it on a deeper level. However, despite these positives, there are still some issues that need addressing in order for this game to become more appealing to those outside its niche market.

We hope you got a little bit of insight into the game, and we look forward to seeing how it comes together. If you have questions about what you read here, leave them in the comments below; we’ll do our best to answer them.

Official Website and Social Accounts

Website: https://www.eizperchain.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EizperChain

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/eizperchain

Telegram: https://t.me/eizperchain

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eizperchain

Medium: https://medium.com/@eizperchain

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eizperchain

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