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Ethereum Sets Dates for Dencun Testnet Upgrades Ahead of Mainnet Launch

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Ethereum Prepares for Major Dencun Upgrade

Ethereum, the leading blockchain platform, is gearing up for its most significant upgrade in a year, known as Dencun. Developers have outlined a timeline for implementing this major upgrade or “hard fork” on two crucial test networks. Dencun is poised to bring about “proto-danksharding,” a technical enhancement designed to lower transaction costs on layer 2s and provide more affordable data access on the blockchain.

Testnet Rehearsals for Dencun

Before Dencun is activated on the main Ethereum blockchain, developers will conduct test runs on the Sepolia and Holesky test networks (testnets). These tests, scheduled for January 30 and February 7, are critical rehearsals for the protocol changes. The Goerli testnet upgrade, which occurred last week and went live with some minor issues, marks a precedent for these upcoming tests. Dencun will be triggered on Sepolia at 22:51 UTC at epoch 132608, and the final test is set to occur on Holesky on February 7 at 11:34 UTC, at epoch 950272.

Final Steps Before Mainnet Launch

Tim Beiko, the protocol support lead at the Ethereum Foundation, has urged node operators on these networks to update their systems in preparation for these tests. After successfully completing these testnet upgrades, developers will finalize a date for Dencun to be implemented on Ethereum’s mainnet, currently targeting the end of February or early March. This upcoming upgrade marks a significant milestone in Ethereum’s continuous evolution, aiming to enhance its scalability and efficiency.

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