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Extauri Joins NASDAQ and Bakkt Heating Up Securities Exchange Competition

There is a growing conviction that the next wave of crypto adoption will come through the acceptance of compliant securities exchanges. Platforms that offer crypto investing and trading alongside traditional securities. The newest big player in this game is Extauri.

The firm will be joining NASDAQ and Bakkt in the race to provide compliant cryptocurrency exchange functionalities.

On top of adhering to EU’s standards of Economic and Monetary Union, the European based exchange already has an ECN license. It also has approval from BaFin and FMA.

Starting November 15, the exchange will begin the sale of Tauri — its native token.

The coming month will see significant progress in that regard as leading firms move towards launching their products.

These Platforms Can Inspire The Next Wave Of Crypto Adoption

Some prominent analyst and speculators have suggested that development of such platforms will induce the next bull run. They will provide an environment through which institutional investment firms can join retail investors who are looking to experiment with crypto-centric pension funds, ETFs, and retirement funds.

Currently, these institutions are not allowed to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Armed with partnerships with Microsoft and Starbucks, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has plans to launch their services on Bakkt exchange in November.

In an announcement made on Twitter, the platform says that the first components of Bakkt will include physical Bitcoin futures contracts. These contracts will be traded versus fiat and BTC will be delivered to accounts after purchase.

“Our first contracts will be physically delivered Bitcoin futures contracts versus fiat currencies, including USD, GBP, and EUR. For example, buying one USD/BTC futures contract will result in the daily delivery of one Bitcoin into the customer’s account.”

ICE hopes that Bakkt will be the solution that connects consumers, institutions and merchants alike with the benefits and utilities of digital currencies.

NASDAQ is another platform that is planning to launch crypto services next month. The electronic securities marketplace was one of the first big institutions to explore cryptocurrencies.

Starting this month, NASDAQ is said to introduce a price prediction tool for cryptocurrencies. The purpose of the device will be to analyze and speculate on BTC and other crypto assets. Later on, there are plans to integrate exchange functionalities on the platform.



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