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· 17 May 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home, Press Release
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General Overview

Until recently, we did not notice the existence of video cameras, but now they are everywhere. All existing software is very complicated to use, and the industry seems behind others just because of its complexity. 

Faceter is the first decentralized surveillance system that makes the industry smart, and easy to use. The first project was PayCards, that is used in several companies and financial institutions all over the world. This is just a prove of what the team behind Faceter is able to achieve.

After the success of PayCards, the company started to work on facial recognition. Creating a world recognizing network is the next challenge taken by this company. The product should fit into the existing infrastructure and be natural to the user and at the same time be pleasant to look at.

The team has different specialists in usability and design, making the interface very stylish with convenient features for many video cameras.

Why Faceter?

The product uses all the opportunities of smart contracts so as to deliver flexible, transparent payment options and proof-of-work recognition mechanisms to a Fog computing. Miners will be performing recognition calculation in a decentralized computing network with a higher income-earning opportunity.

The Faceter token (FACE) is going to power the decentralized network by enabling flexible, transparent, cross-border closed-loop settlement mechanism for all participants. With facial recognition the capabilities of video surveillance systems will be potentiated to detect potential threats or events as a smiling customer, a focused employee, and more.

Miners will be rewarded with Faceter Tokens for their work in processing video. The main intention is to build a decentralized network that implements fog computing, drastically reducing the price of the product, making it affordable for homeowners and business owners around the world.

In 2019, the company will be developing integrated solutions in collaboration with hardware vendors. It will start tracking visitors with partially or completely hidden faces, recognizing body type features, including height, weight or build. Additionally, their services will be able to detect vehicles, including recognition of numbers using cameras with sufficient resolution.

The main goal is to launch a fully functional decentralized version of Faceter.


Robert Pothier is the CEO and Co-founder of Faceter. He has an impressive experience in developing and implementing projects in the fields of e-wallets, gambling, KYC, and other banking solutions in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and several African countries.

Vladimir Tchernitski is the Co-founder and CTO of Faceter. He is a professional with over 20 years of experience in software development and 4 years in neural networks, computer vision, and biometry algorithms development.

Other important team members are Paul Scott, who is in charge of the business development, Leon Olckers, working with the technical deployments, Jayson Gouws, developing its work in the solutions and distribution area, Graham Perry, expert in sales, Aleksandr Chernov, the teach lead of the team, Anton Ivashkevich, working with the design of the platform, and Vitaliy Kuzmenko, developer and UI expert.

The company is being advised by Igor Karavaev, Investor Relations and Ken Huang, Senior Academic Advisor.

Latest News

The company wants to announce that it has already finished its ICO and it is now working in many different areas. For example, there will be an important exchange that will start to list FACE tokens, but it is not possible to disclose which virtual currency exchange we are talking about. This will allow interested users to purchase tokens in the market, meaning that its price could potentially increase.

Moreover, the team is working very hard to launch the beta solution of the product for the mass market. The beta version – version of SaaS – will be available within this year. It is also important to mark that the alfa-version should be released in the third quarter of the current year.

These are great news for FACETER users and for the development of this project. The experienced team behind Faceter is going to be delivering the products and services presented during the ICO within this year.

Back in January, Faceter took part in the global road show CryptoEconomy. It was in conferences and exhibitions in three important cities, including San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam. People and interested participants, were able to communicate with the members of Faceter’s team.

There is a great opportunity for enterprises, companies, and individuals to start being involved in Faceter.

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