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FirstCryptoETF – A New Way Of Investing

If you’re interested in trading cryptocurrency – the next ICO might be suitable for you. FirstCryptoETF is a platform that  will unify all the most desired cryptocurrencies into a single token which will be available to trade worldwide.

FirstCryptoETF will actually bind certain cryptocurrencies into a single file, allowing a crypto trader to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies while holding only one tradeable token. It could be a great way of doing arbitrage trading and even improving the trader’s profit – as you’ll pay less fees on the exchanges.

FirstCryptoETF- What Is The Authorize Engine?

A great factor that makes FirstCryptoETF special is the Authorize Engine. In the creation process, the Authorize engine buys cryptocurrencies and place them in files with a specific amount and a precise percentage share of each cryptocurrency in each file. Afterwards, the created tokens are sold on crypto exchanges to individual traders, portfolio managers and other people interested. But that’s not his only role. Authorize engine also keep the token price to the price of the basket of cryptocurrencies that it tracks. A process done by maintaining a balance in the supply and demand on crypto exchanges. So, if the demand goes up – the token price can go higher than the price of cryptocurrencies from its portfolio. If the price drops below the price from its basket of cryptocurrencies – Authorize engine will reduce the number of tokens from the market. This process is called Erasion.

Another thing that FirstCryptoETF wants to create is the “Black Card”. A black card will be a collection of cryptocurrencies kept on a credit card.The crytocurrenies will be hold as ETF tokens and using the Black Card – people could buy cryptocurrencies directly using a debit card or a credit card. Of course, these will come with a password and a seed phrase in order to maintain a high level of security. A Black Card can be bought with FIAT cash only. The best thing about it: You can always add more tokens to it and store their value in a secured place. The total amount of FCTF will be 65,000,000, with 18% of them going to the developer team, founders, consultants, partners,etc. 8,2 million of cryptocurrency will be sold on the pre-sale – which will start on October 6th. Here you can buy FCTF with the lowest price – only 0.1 EUR. If not, you can wait for the ICO where 45,000,000 of FCTF will be available with a 0.13 EUR price.

A great thing that I love about FirstCryptoETF is the fact that transparency is a really important thing for them. Besides, they’re already talking with well-known companies in order to audit their activities: KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and Ernst & Young . Moreover, after 3 months of being live on crypto exchanges – the first buyback of FCTF tokens will be available. For a more interesting explaining of the FirstCryptoETF concept, you may check their youtube video.  An important thing about FirstCryptoETF is that they have 2 tokens used. Firstly, there’s the ETF that is the Exchange Traded Fund. This is the token with the basket of cryptocurrencies which you can buy a share of. If the cryptocurrencies inside it value will go up, same will the ETF token. When the cryptocurrencies inside it will decrease in value, the ETF token will decrease too.

Then there’s the FCTF. FCTF – the token that they now have on pre-sale is not the same with the ETF. The FCTF is for investors and people which would like to own a percentage of the FirstCryptoETF company. By buying it, you would have ownership right in the FirstCryptoETF.

FirstCryptoETF sounds like a good investment if you’re looking to build up a cryptocurrency portfolio. Their idea combined with the benefits of the Black Card could be of use for any successful trader.

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