The Future of Data Security Should Be in Your Hands

ยท 27 Feb 2018 in Crypto News, Home
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Our right to keep our data safe and within our control has never been more important than it is today. That’s because every single day, millions of us share data, be it photos, videos, and loads of information that may seem insignificant, but can have grave consequences should it fall into the wrong hands. Businesses share sensitive data that, if compromised can put their business at risk and their customer’s privacy in peril. In fact, just this month it was reported that the Equifax data breach of 2017 may have exposed more personal information than anyone previously thought. Over 145 million people may have had their names, addresses and driver’s licenses exposed.

Data transfer is deeply flawed because typical data transfer platforms create copies. For example, say you take some photos while on a trip with friends and upload them to a cloud service to share with others. Well, you’ve just created copies that now reside with a third party. Then you decide to share them again, so you create yet more copies. Not only is this means of sharing data inconvenient and clumsy, it is not secure. It is the same whether you are sharing personal data with a friend or a business is sharing proprietary information internally or externally. It’s like you’re spreading your data all around, without any control or ability to get it back.

But you may say, well, what are my options? Not everyone is a cryptographer. And not all businesses can afford the cryptography expertise to easily program top-level security into their systems.

But what if developers without advanced cryptography skills could build advanced security into their systems? Security based on data mirroring rather than copies? With data mirroring, your data never leaves your hands. And when data is mirrored through a zero-knowledge platform using blockchain-based crypto key management, your data is so secure that not even the platform provider can assess it.

It’s a simple idea: Keep what’s yours in your hands. The goal is to enable developers to build this into their systems seamlessly, ultimately to protect us as users, with an invisible layer of security, without complicating the user experience. That’s the level of security that we all deserve.

Security should be simple and it should be for everyone. That’s when we begin to democratize top-level security. Our vision is of a world where anyone can feel safe sharing anything. That world is just around the corner.

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