GameCredits – Bringing cryptocurrency in the gaming industry

· 06 Apr 2017 in Crypto News, Home

With a market cap of $22M and sitting in the 31 spot in the Cryptocurrency ranks, GameCredits is a mineable cryptocurrency which is using the Scrypt algorithm having a block time of 90 seconds and a block reward of 25 coins. GameCredits is a project created for the gaming industry by the gaming industry, which allows gamers to purchase in game content using cryptocurrency. Even though this may sound basic, GameCredits has a payment gateway which defines as seamless, easy and secure. While Google Play and Apple allow only credit card payments, GameCredits have thought about the PC gamers and expanded their deposit options by adding cryptocurrency in the market.

What’s more interesting about GameCredits its the evolution of the company. GameCredits started in October 2014 and until June 2015 they cryptocurrency price was only $0.00044 per GAME. Since June 2015, GAME had a real growth in value starting the 2017 year with a value of $0.2184 which means a 500% increase from its value since June 2015.

Today, GameCredits have a value of $0.3606 per GAME and its projected to grow even more in the future, as they mobile gaming store will launch a crowdsale on April 25th. You can support them by promoting their crowdsale through social media. MobileGo is their own gaming store with a proprietary payment gateway that will enable GAME to reach millions of new users and therefore, growing in value and rewarding their investors. A more detailed article about the MobileGo and GAME can be found here .

They also provide an easy solution for the restrictions imposed upon gamers to how much can they deposit into a game – with GAME  the deposit will have higher limits. But, if people don’t have cryptocurrency, why would they use GAME? Because they will be incentivized to use it, as their purchase with GAME will be more rewarding than one with a credit card.

While being one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in 2017, GameCredits is just a few steps from mass cryptocurrency adoption by the audience. With the game store launched, GameCredits hope that they can help the gaming industry by offering developers a new way to publish their games while also saving them about 20% in fees. The developers can get their games listed on the game store in less than 10 minutes and also they would get their payments faster.

There are exactly 84 million GAME coins, with exactly 8 digits each which can also be mined, more details about this can be found on their website and you can also create a wallet here, and if you want to buy some but don’t want to mine, you can get them from Poloniex, Bittrex or Cryptopia.  With a 9.5% increase in price for today, the GAME coin is projected to have a new high in a very short time.

If it goes as planned, the award winning GameCredits should revolutionize the gaming industry by introducing the blockchain payment solution technology and all the features listed below.

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