EOS/USD cryptocurrency Holds Your DNA Sequence on Ethereum

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A new startup has launched that aims to hold and store your DNA sequence using the Etheruem blockchain. The blockchain will securely store DNA sequencing for personal use and storage—providing a level of confidentiality that allows, the company, to pivot away from personal data sellers like large biotech companies.

Personal DNA Sequence Knowledge Is A 21st Century Tool

While both Ethereum and blockchain technologies have been hailed as major disruptors and world-changing, DNA sequencing technology has developed the same perception in science communities. is one of the first players to bring these two together.

The company allows its users and customers to hold their entire genome sequence for personal use or future considerations. There’s also a monetization and token economic model that the site is attempting to launch, with an idea of allowing customers to monetize their data.

The premise here seems to be as a counterweight to large biomedical companies which have been able, themselves, to monetize customer genome data for gene editing research (as one example). Companies also have not been restrictive about where customer and user data has gone, leaving some to worry about their genome information leaking improperly.

DNA Sequences On Ethereum From

The use of Ethereum, in this case, is interesting as it utilizes the major blockchain player as a security measure and as a tokenized opportunity.

The blockchain can store DNA sequence results for an indefinite amount of time and security features like token sign-ins or secure wallets can mean that private data is made accessible only by the person owning private keys. The blockchain would show when the results were given and potentially some public-facing information, but that remains to be seen. This is one example of how medical information can utilize blockchain’s tech, but there will be countless other examples and companies over the years.

The project capitalizes on the growing trend of DNA sequence kits, genome editing, and DNA ancestry kits which utilize the human genome for informative purposes.

There are other DNA kits on the market that allow people to understand their genome—a factor that can help you understand health risks as well as make informed diet or lifestyle plans. isn’t the first version of this idea to come. Others have seen the potential connection of gene science and blockchain and cryptocurrency to mix together.

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