Gimli 800x500 - Gimli - Connecting the streaming industry with the Blockchain power

Gimli – Connecting the streaming industry with the Blockchain power

Gimli is one of the most interesting concepts I’ve found in the past days. Working with the Ethereum smart contracts, Gimli is a decentralized platform for eSports streamers and viewers. What’s even better is that with Gimli you can easily make a profit according to the number of viewers you have. You can win from bets, asking for donations and creating tournaments with cash prizes.

Gimli’s mission is to help streamers by connecting them directly with their audience, but having a more revenue opportunities like with a normal service. Streamers which will choose Gimli will select  in which currency they want to charge their viewers / receive donations.

Gimli already started their adventure on the right foot: with streaming partners which have more than one million twitter followers and a solid 14 people team, according to their thread in bitcointalk. With the goal of reaching worldwide adoption, Gimli are also launching an ICO in late July, where anyone can acquire GIM tokens in exchange for ETH. The sale will be administered by an Ethereum Smart Contact, with a public code on github. The price for GIM at the ICO is 1 ETH =700 GIM and there’s a maximum of 80 million GIM tokens sold in the ICO time.

GIM tokens should be able to support donations,votes, bets and even custom contracts. Each of its functionalities is assured by a smart contract using the Ethereum Blockchain technology. The total amount of GIM created will be a fixed one of 150 million tokens, with the ERC20 standard. For more details regarding their idea you can check the Gimli Whitepaper.

Using the Ethereum Technology and entering on growing market, Gimli has the potential to reach worlwide adoption in a short time with the right publicity.

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