The Global Litecoin Summit Will Take Place This September

· 01 Aug 2018 in Crypto News, Home

September is expected to be an exciting month for the crypto world. The Global Litecoin Summit will be held between September the 14th and the 15th. At the summit, important figures such as Charlie Lee, Litecoin’s creator and head of its foundation and Xinxi Wang, Litecoin Foundation Director will be present.

What is the Global Litecoin Summit?

The Global Litecoin Summit is going to take place in September at the South San Francisco Conference Center. During the two-day event, Charlie Lee and other important figures will be talking and presenting insights about the cryptocurrency market.

Other important speakers will be Bill Barhydt, CEO and Founder of ABRA, Eric Brown, CEO of Aliant Payments, Franklyn Richards, Litecoin Foundation Director, Elizabeth Stark, CEO and Co-Founder of Lightning Labs, and many others including Adam Draper, Elaine Ou, Diego Guittiérrez Zaldívar and Eric Brown.

The registration will start at 8:00 am and Charlie Lee will be speaking at 10:00 in the morning and will be followed by ABRA’s founder. Mr. Barhydt will be giving a lecture titled ‘Banking With Crypto.’

The different topics discussed will be related to Litecoin, cryptocurrencies in general, regulations, new improvements, lightning network and the future of blockchain technology.

It is important to mention that right after the Summit, on September the 21st, the SEC could potentially approve the first ever Bitcoin ETF in history, a key topic for the cryptocurrency community.

At the moment of writing this article, Litecoin is the 6th most important virtual currency in the market. Each LTC coin can be bought for $78 dollars—down quite a bit from its high—and it has a market capitalization of $4.5 billion dollars.

Litecoin is a very important and known cryptocurrency that has been in the market since 2011, and has been created by Charlie Lee. It is very similar to Bitcoin but it will ultimately have four times more the supply of Bitcoin and it has smaller blocks. This can be translated into faster transactions and lower fees every time a user sends LTC.

In the future, the Lightning Network and atomic swaps will completely change the way in which we conceive Bitcoin, Litecoin and their relationship as compatible currencies.

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