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Grass Airdrop Guide: Turn Your Unused Bandwith Into Cash!

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Key Takeaways

  • Grass is an application developed by Wynd Labs.
  • Grass allows users to monetize unused internet, creating a new way to generate passive income.
  • With GetGrass, you can share your unused internet with verified companies through a secure AI and blockchain network without ever seeing your personal information.

What Is Grass?

Grass is a new app from Wynd Labs that lets you earn “passive income” by sharing unused internet bandwidth. It’s a fresh take on how users can benefit from their day-to-day internet usage.

In technical terms, Grass uses blockchain technology to operate as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) network. It enables companies to harness users’ unused bandwidth while protecting their data. This is achieved by developing an AI tool specifically trained to scrape web data from the Internet, which is subsequently curated by Grass utilizing its network of nodes.

Is Grass Safe?

The platform will gather the user’s unused bandwidth upon creating a Grass account and providing consent.

Developers clarify that when the Grass extension requests permission to “read and change all your data on the websites you visit,” it is a standard authorization protocol, ensuring that the network will not access your data.

The only information Grass receives is the user’s email address, which is used to create an account. 

“When you use the app, your personal data is not accessed or utilized by Grass or Wynd Network. Period. Our browser extension does not have access to any data on your computer.  You can confidently use Grass, knowing your personal data is safe and secure.”

Furthermore, Grass prioritizes your security. Companies buying your unused bandwidth are carefully monitored to prevent any fraudulent activity.

“All buyers are vetted and monitored, ensuring no misuse or illegal activity. Grass only uses up to 0.3% of your bandwidth at any time and will not affect your internet speed as it functions only when you’re not using your full bandwidth.”

Grass Airdrop

Grass users passively earn points that go directly to their account. However, please note that these are not the airdrop rewards. Their recent launch of the Grass Points system hints at an upcoming airdrop. Users who earn points will likely be prioritized if or when the airdrop happens.

How To Join Grass Airdrop?

👉 STEP 1: Go to https://app.getgrass.io/

👉 STEP 2: Go to the rewards tab on the platform.

👉 STEP 3: Secure a passcode to refer a new user. 

👉 STEP 4: Monitor your points.

Final Thoughts

Grass is currently in an incentivized beta. This means early users who join now can earn bonus points while helping to shape the platform.

Table of Contents


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