A Guide to Bitcoin and Investing

· 13 Dec 2017

Bitcoin is a digital currency and peer-to-peer network that was initially introduced in 2009.  This decentralized currency is independent of any banking or government authorities.  Bitcoin offers many benefits, including allowing users the option to conduct financial transactions with lower fees compared to regular online payment systems.

Bitcoins are very helpful for users by offering financial transactions that have minimal fees. All users, both new people wanting to start investing in Bitcoins as well as regular users, can use established Bitcoin exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin.  Bitcoins may be converted into various fiat currencies, so there are companies like Wirex that provide users with a seamless method to convert bitcoins into your desired fiat money, and also vice versa.  Bitcoins allow you to make purchases of goods from merchants which makes it a very exciting opportunity for those who believe in the very bright future of Bitcoin.

Several Uses Are Offered

Users were initially introduced to Bitcoins as a type of digital currency for conducting regular financial transactions with very minimal charges associated with it, compared to other types of online payment systems.  Since that time, however, a wide range of other purposes have emerged for bitcoins that users have learned about as the market started to mature. Bitcoin makes use of blockchain technology to help with digital transactions and involves all transactions being recorded and stored for verification in order to further process them based on the validity of the bitcoins.  All transactions are recorded in a public ledger and can be viewed online at the Blockchain website.  There are other activities that may be done via bitcoins including for crowdfunding, customer rewards, document auditing and stamping, settlements between financial institutions, payment rail for various types of remittances, for insurance claims, for property and land titles, digital securities trading and more.

All of these uses of Bitcoins are still in their early stages of development; therefore, it may take some time before they are mainstream.  However, even if one of those transactions becomes successful it could be significant enough to start a revolution within the industry and cause bitcoins to increase in value quite rapidly.  That is why investing in bitcoin is so worth it since, in the long run, it will provide you with good returns in addition to the early benefits of giving you digital financial transactions that are smooth and affordable.

Expected Gains Are Greater Than Expected Losses

Bitcoin has higher expected potential gains compared to expected potential losses due to the fact that it has been speculated by several crypto-analysts that bitcoin may in the future develop into a global currency, although this is quite hypothetical at this point.  If it does turn into a reality, then international trade will be stimulated all over the world.  If this were to happen, it has been speculated by economists that the price would skyrocket to 20,000 times what its value is, making each $1 of current bitcoin be then worth $20,000.  However, in order for this to happen, bitcoin first must be recognized as a form of legal tender for domestic as well as international trade.   These types of forecasts have been made by those experts who believe that when bitcoin is invested in that it will provide a return of $200 for each dollar that is invested.  Although this is only a prediction and it is still a fairly risky investment due to the decentralized nature of bitcoins, expecting these types of profits is possible since it does have higher expected rewards compared to trading commodities.

Interest Is Provided On Your Investment

Bitcoin is a type of commodity money, so that means when you have bitcoins, they can be invested in a similar way to investing in a business using fiat money.  Similar to fiat money, interested will also be generated on this investment, which means holding Bitcoins can enable you to invest in them to earn interest making it one of the  top alternative investments.  As time elapses, you can achieve good returns on your investment and increased prices.

Easy Access

When you have Bitcoins, your money doesn’t need to be tied up long-term in order to generate a profit.  You can earn a profit within a short amount of time, depending on the amount of money that is getting transferred throughout the Bitcoin network.  Therefore, you can just invest in bitcoins and use the interest that is generated on your investment to use for daily transactions like buying groceries, meaning you will be provided with instant access to your funds for making financial transactions despite the fact that it is invested.


In summary, investing in Bitcoins in 2017 looks to be a very good move for some investors since it is likely to continue to increase in popularity and value.  That is why it is worth it to keep a close eye on how it develops throughout the year since it could be an excellent investment opportunity.

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