aiganbg - Guide: How To Buy Aigang (AIX) On KuCoin Exchange

Guide: How To Buy Aigang (AIX) On KuCoin Exchange

The Aigang with it’s token, AIX aims to automate the insurance industry through IOT (Internet of Things). Smart contracts on the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) can connect intelligent devices to insurance policies. Insurance claims on the network are verified and paid automatically. Smart devices are also able to request their maintenance, tokens also can be automatically sold and payments issues to keep reserves within its target.

The global market for Internet of Things insurance is estimated to be about $43 billion in 5 years from now, and Aigang has positioned itself to lead the rest of its kind. The Aigang solves the problem of distrust with insurers. Automating claims processing will, therefore, help to combat insurance fraud.

The best and most convenient wallet for now to store your AIX tokens would be the wallet. To buy and hold some AIX, you’ll need to buy by exchanging some of your already owned ethers or bitcoins for it. One of the best places to make the exchange also would be the KuCoin exchange as it’s presently the exchange platform where the AIX is most traded.

Follow the guide below to buy some Aigang tokens on the KuCoin Exchange.

Step 1

Click here to register on the KuCoin exchange platform.

Step 2

What you need to enter to register are a valid email address and a secure password. Click the NEXT button when you’re done.

Step 3

You should receive a generated mail in the inbox/spam of the email account you used during registration. Log in and click the link in the mail sent to you, this process activates your account and qualifies you to log in and make exchanges on the KuCoin platform like everyone else.

Step 4

Clicking on the link sent to you via email should take you right into your account on the KuCoin platform, if not, enter your details as asked and click on the button to sign in.

Step 5

Now you need to click on the DEPOSIT link on your screen to add some funds to your account.

Step 6

As a first time depositor, you’ll be required to secure your account by setting up the Google Authenticator application for your device.

Step 7

The page gives you directions on how the google authenticator would be installed and used to unlock the deposit feature on the platform.

Step 8

You’ll now need to click on the drop-down arrow in front of the assets to select the ETH asset. This loads up your generated Ether address on the KuCoin platform. Copy the generated address to your external wallet to send some Ether cryptos into it, depending on how much value of Aigang tokens you want to purchase.

Step 9

When the ETH asset is selected, your Ether wallet address on the KuCoin exchange is generated and displayed. You can deposit into this address as often as you want to make a trade on KuCoin.

Step 10

Copy and paste the wallet address into your wallet outside the KuCoin exchange, where you presently hold some Ethers. Wait a little bit for the transaction to reflect on the KuCoin exchange. This shouldn’t take long provided you use a right amount of gas for your transaction.

Step 11

Refresh the page after a period to confirm the deposit then click on the MARKETS link at the top of the page.

Step 12

Select the ETH tab.

Step 13

Click the AIX/ETH from the list of assets displayed on the page. The search box at the top of the assets section also helps to find the pair much easier.

Step 14

On the AIX/ETH pair page, the sections to buy and sell should be disabled; you are required to enter a code from your Google Authenticator app. Click on the Google Authentication application on your device to get the code.

Step 15

After being enabled to trade coins on KuCoin, click on the Best Price link in the Price box and the best market price would be filled into the box.

Step 16

Enter the number of AIX tokens you want to exchange for your Ethers or click on the Max link, and the number you can purchase with all your deposited ethers would be displayed in the Amount field.

Step 17

Click on the BUY button and wait for your tokens to arrive in its wallet on the KuCoin exchange.