ark2 - Guide: How To Buy Ark From Binance

Guide: How To Buy Ark From Binance

You can either hold Ark as an asset for investment purpose or to make payments for services or goods purchased.

The best way to acquire some ark is by exchanging the most popular cryptocurrencies for it. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and Litecoin are your best choices, and the best place which also is where the highest volume of Ark transactions take place is on the Binance platform. The following steps guide you on how to make the exchange on Binance.

You Need To Be Part Of Binance Platform
  • Before you can trade Bitcoin or other alternative cryptocurrencies for Ark, you need to be a registered and approved member of the Binance Exchange. If you are already a member, you can go ahead to log in using your login details. If you are not, you will need to Register Here.
  • If you are new, then the registration process is simple. All you need is an active email address, and you will be required to choose a secure password, could be alphanumeric for stronger security. Check the box to accept to Binance Terms of Use and click on the registration button. This should take you two minutes or less to complete, and you are ready to trade some of your already owned coins for Ark.
  • The last part of your registration is for you to confirm you signed up by clicking on the activation link in the email that was automatically generated and sent to the email address you used while registering.
  • When all that process is completed, login to the platform using your email and password you chose, and you’ll be granted access to the platform.
Fund Your Account With Bitcoin
  • After a successful login, the next step is to fund your Binance account with the same value of Ark you are willing to purchase. Maybe a little bit more to cover transaction fee on the exchange.
  • To do this, click on FUNDS then DEPOSITS WITHDRAWALS at the top of the page and wait for the page to load all cryptocurrency wallets supported by the Binance exchange.
  • Search for the BITCOIN wallet. You should see this right at the top of the page but if not, use the search box to locate it faster.
  • Click on the DEPOSIT button in front of Bitcoin; a wallet address would be generated. Copy this and send some coins to that address from your external wallet. Wait a while and your deposited funds should reflect on your account.
Buy Ark With Bitcoin
  • With your deposit fully confirmed, go straight to clicking on the EXCHANGE link close to the Binance logo and select the BASIC option as displayed.
  • From the list of pairs being traded at the top right section of the page, locate the ARK/BTC pair. If you have funded with Litecoin or Ethereum, you use the ARK/LTC or ARK/ETH instead.
  • The section under the chart, the first box with the label ‘Price’ in front shows you how much BTC you’d be paying for each ARK purchased. Inside the box labeled ‘Amount’ you need to enter the number of Ark you are willing to buy. Use the percentage buttons under the box to select what percentage of your deposited funds you would like to use with 100% using all of the funds. The box labeled total shows how much you would be paying in BTC for the transaction.
  • Click on the BUY ARK button to complete the process and wait for your ARK cryptocurrency in its wallet on the Binance platform.

As soon as your Ark shows up, it’s always a safety precaution to send them out of the exchange to your external wallet.