Guide: How To Buy DeepBrain Chain (DBC) On The KuCoin Exchange

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The DeepBrain Chain platform is a decentralized, low cost, and private artificial intelligence (AI) computing platform. It is much similar to golem as the use of computer resources world over are pulled together to provide computational resources. DeepBrain Chain aims to provide companies in the artificial intelligence industries with much cheaper computational resources as they scale up and grow more expensive.

Miners on the DeepBrain Chain platform get paid with the DeepBrain Coin (DBC) which is the token for the DeepBrain Chain platform. The tokens are paid to miners as a reward for their inputs on the network towards artificial intelligence needs. They are also paid in GAS since the DeepBrain Chain platform in on the NEO blockchain. DeepBrains’ plan for the future is entirely exciting. They are to offer a trading platform in the future for artificial intelligence data, AI algorithms, AI, containers and models, and also AI applications.

Best Wallet For DeepBrain Coins

There is no official wallet for the DeepBrain Coins just yet so it’s best having it collected in NEON Wallet or the NEO Web Wallet. More wallets can be found on the NEO website.

How To Purchase Some DeepBrain Coins

The DeepBrain Coins can be purchased by exchanging some of your BTC, ETH, or NEO cryptocurrencies for DBC on the KuCoin platform.

The following is a step by step guide on how to exchange Ethers for DeepBrain Coins.

Step 1: It’s essential that every user registers an account on the platform. Without this, you do not have access to the exchange utility of the KuCoin Exchange. To register, click here and fill out the short form required.

Step 2: Enter any active email address you have access to and choose a secure password for your account. When this is done, a mail is sent to the email address that requires you to click on the verification link in it to activate your account.

Step 3: After all, these are done, you can now proceed to log on to your section of the KuCoin exchange.

Step 4: Now that you are logged in on the platform, you need to deposit some funds (Ethers), probably the same value as how much DBC you’d like to get in return or more if you plan to buy other assets on the exchange.

Step 5: Before you can make deposits on the KuCoin platform, it’s required that you first set up your two-factor authentication security as made mandatory on the KuCoin platform. This reduces the risk of losing your cryptocurrencies as only you have access to the device on which the authentication codes are generated, and therefore you alone have access to your account. The guide to set up the google authentication application is seen on your screen when you click on the deposit link for the first time.

Step 6: After setting that up, click on the ASSETS link at the top of the page and locate Ether from this list of assets displayed. Click on the DEPOSIT link in front of it, and an Ether address for your KuCoin account is generated. Copy the generated Ether address to your external wallet where your Ethers are stored and send some to your KuCoin wallet. Wait a moment and refresh the ASSETS page and the Ethers you sent should be displayed.

Step 7: To make the exchange, click on MARKETS link at the top of the page then click on the Ether tab.

Step 8: Use the search box at the top of the cryptocurrency pairs section to locate the DBC/ETH pair.

Step 9: At the bottom right section of the page, you’ll be asked to enter a code from your Google Authentication application, do this to enable that part.

Step 10: The first box on the BUY section of the site shows you the best market price in Ethers you pay for each DBC purchased.

Step 11: In the second field, click on the MAX link, and this will fill in the box with the amount of DBCs your deposited Ethers can purchase.

Step 12: When done, click on the Buy Button.

You DBC coins should be deposited in its wallet on the KuCoin exchange in munites.

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