qtum - Guide: How To Buy QTUM From Binance

Guide: How To Buy QTUM From Binance

QTUM is a cross blockchain application platform. It integrates the Ethereum’s smart contracts and the Bitcoin stable blockchain using the proof of stake method of verification. While Bitcoin is satisfied with just being a cryptocurrency for daily transactions, QTUM is focused on building an application that can run dApps (Decentralized Applications) and smart contracts.

Though QTUM is still in its early period of development, so it’s difficult to find those that would accept the token as a method of payment. Nevertheless, it’s great to purchase QTUM as an investment which helps the token gain more market value and also encourages more decentralized apps being built on the QTUM platform.

In other to send and receive QTUM tokens, you need to install a QTUM wallet. They’ve wallets for mainly all major operating systems.

How To Buy QTUM Tokens

There are few ways to acquire some QTUM tokens in your wallet. You can exchange your Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, or EOS for QTUM on major exchanges.

Alternatively, you can acquire some QTUM with your Master/VISA card. Though not directly, you will buy some Ether on Changelly, then exchange for QTUM.

Bitcoin has been of recent been very expensive to transact with as it’s high transaction fees and more extended confirmation periods gradually drifts it away from its original plan which was to be a means of daily transactions and Ether is becoming progressively what Bitcoin was planned to be.

How To Purchase QTUM On Binance
  • To make use of the Binance Exchange, you have to be a registered user. Long into the platform if you are already logged or click here to register.
  • The simple form takes you through choosing a valid email address and choosing a secure password you’ll always be asked to get into your section of the platform.
  • Fund your account with Ether as this will helps in cutting off a considerable amount of transaction fees that will help you get more QTUM coins to when you are transacting with Bitcoins. Send your ether coins from your wallet to the Binance exchange by clicking on the ‘Deposits Withdrawals’ at the top of the page, then click on the deposit button in front of Ethereum to send in some Ethers for the transaction.
  • Now that your funds have been deposited, go-ahead by clicking on the ‘Exchange’ link next to the Binance logo. When page loads, find the QTUM/ETH pair and click on it.
  • When the chart is loaded, go to the Buy QTUM section under it and enter the amount of QTUM you want to buy based on how much you funded. Use the percentage button to indicate what percentage of your deposit you want to invest into the coin. When done, the box with the label ‘Total’ shows you how much Ethers you are paying for the amount of QTUM you are buying.
  • Click on the Buy QTUM button and wait for the transaction to be processed and completed.
Need To Purchase Ether On Changelly With Your Master Card?

You can do this on Changelly in less than a minute.

  • The process is straightforward. Make sure the ‘YOU HAVE’ box is changed to USD and then enter the amount you are buying. Make sure the ‘YOU GET’ field is changed to ETH as well and the app tells you how much ETH you’ll get based on current market price.
  • Click on the exchange button. You’d be asked to enter your ether address at some point, make sure you have that on hand and your card details as well. Give the platform some time, and your Ether should arrive at the specified address within 30 minutes.