Hackers with code looking for Bitcoin Ransom

Hackers Threatened Alleged 9/11 Info Unless Victims Paid Bitcoin Ransom

ยท 08 Jan 2019 in Crypto News
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The hacker group The Dark Overlord is demanding Bitcoin (BTC)  as a ransom not to release documents about 9/11. The information was released by the hacking group on Twitter a few hours before the end of 2018. This is not the first case that hackers are threatening to release information if they do not receive a ransom in Bitcoin.

The Dark Overlord Threatens to Release Sensitive Information

The Dark Overlord announced that it was able to breach a law firm that handles cases related to the 9/11 attack to the World Trade Center in 2001. The hacking group has also attacked other companies and medical centres, among other companies and businesses. Apparently, around 18,000 secret documents about the WTC towers and their destruction have been stolen.

The announcement was made through the popular social media platform Twitter linking to a website with all the information about what they demand.

In Pastebin, the hacking group wrote that they have five layers with different checkpoints on each layer. The first checkpoint is $250 dollars to be paid in BTC to release 25 random documents from the first layer. The price per checkpoint continues to grow up to $2,000,000 in BTC for all the layer 5 documents.

The group explains that they are motivated to do this because of their ‘passion and love for Bitcoin.’ If there are interested people about these dc¡ocuments, they might be ready to pay for all the documents available.

The Dark Overlord wrote about it:

“We have a long history of trustworthy negotiations and resolutions with many clients of ours. It’s our goal to be financially compensated before we initiate any brazen actions. You’re motivated by your passions for truth, and we’re motivated by our passion and love for Bitcoin. Let’s come together and meet in the middle.”

On social media, users are asking them to release all the documents without having to pay for them. Some of the companies that could be interested in these papers are Lloyds of London or Hiscox Group.

According to The Dark Overlord, they do not only have insurance litigation but also confidential, classified and secret documents from FAA, FBI, TSA, USDOJ and many others.

A few months ago in South Africa, a kid was kidnapped by a group of criminals. They were asking a ransom in Bitcoin to release the kid. Fortunately, the teenager was able to come back home without being injured.

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