The HOQU Presale Starts NOW: Marketing of the Future Begins Today

Over the last decade internet marketing has gotten huge. Within the next 5 years, most marketing is expected to move online. However, until now, it has remained a centralized industry, involving many unaccountable elements and fraud.

HOQU (pronounced hoh-koo) is a revolutionary marketing solution – the world’s first decentralized affiliate platform – that is bringing the blockchain to internet marketing.

HOQU operates using the HQx token – a crypto asset specially built for marketing. The team at HOQU is proud to announce that the HQx presale is launching now – November 13th, 2017.

Get in on the future of marketing at! Now’s a great time to invest – the presale offers investors a huge 40% bonus on all token purchases! This is for a limited time only!

What is HOQU?

HOQU is a revolutionary platform built to decentralize and improve CPA marketing for everyone involved. Merchants, seeking advertising, enjoy reduced advertising costs and fraud-free transactions. Marketers and webmasters gain the enhanced ability to earn an income without fear of untrustworthy clients. Affiliate networks gain access to a huge workforce of effective marketers, as well reliable clients.

The essence of HOQU’s innovation is the use of smart contracts which ensure fast and secure transactions at a low cost: In traditional marketing schemes, merchants spend up to 45% of their marketing budgets on the commissions and fees demanded by brokers, banks, and payment systems. Thanks to HOQU’s smart-contracts, which remove the middleman, there is a miniscule 0.5% fee on ALL transactions on the platform.

HOQU is built to eliminate fraud, too. In addition to the smart-contract, which makes visible any attempt at fraud on its own, HOQU has a built-in reputational rating system. Scammers are forced to leave the system because they will marked as a scammer from the first sign of untrustworthiness. Merchants can be sure they will get the advertising they pay for, and marketers will always receive the rewards they deserve.

What is the HQx Token?

Transactions on HOQU take place securely using the HQx token, emitted using the Ethereum blockchain. HQx is poised to become THE cryptocurrency of marketing everywhere. It will be available on a plethora of exchanges and currently-centralized affiliate networks will be able to integrate the token into their operations.

The token’s value is sure to grow as a result. This is the investment opportunity of a lifetime in the marketing industry. Now’s your chance to get in on the future of advertising.

Get in on the presale while you still have the chance!

Already, in the closed round, the better part of a million dollars has been raised. Starting November 13th, you too can participate in the HQx token sale!

The presale starts Nov 13th and ends on Nov 20th.

35,000,000 Tokens will be available

Price: 1 ETH = 7,000 HQx

Minimum Purchase: 50 ETH

40% early bird bonus

The main token sale will start Nov 27 and end Dec 26. 520,000,000 tokens will be available. Price: 1 HQx = 0,0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5000HQx

For more information visit and

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