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How Crypto Ad Bans can Benefit Ad Networks

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These days, it’s becoming more challenging for founders of cryptocurrency startups to promote their business. They can no longer rely on social media platforms to promote their business because they are starting to ban ads. Just last January, the largest platform we all know as Facebook announced that they will no longer be accepting ads that are often linked with practices that are deceptive and misleading. Various social media platforms followed, which makes it even more difficult for companies to advertise. Fortunately, entrepreneurs are trained to see the silver lining in the situation and most of them are saying that the ban may actually work to their advantage.

A Blanket on Crypto Advertising

The ban on crypto advertising does feel unfair especially since companies from scam-ridden industries are still given the ad space that they need. The problem with the blanket ban is that all companies, even the good ones, are prohibited from getting ad space. Crypto Advertising is even trickier because companies that follow the law down to the letter need to look for a different platform to promote their business.

The Show Must Go On

            Despite the challenge, most founders of startup companies welcome the ban with arms wide open. For them, this is an excellent opportunity to get rid of the scammers in the industry. This opportunity to segregate the bad applies from the good ones actually give space for legitimate companies to grow. Experts say that while the situation looks grim at first glance, it’s not something that should stress entrepreneurs out. If anything, the ones who need to be worried are founders who have the wrong intentions. Consumers will once again gain confidence in cryptocurrency once the scammers are removed from the industry.

Bitcoin Advertising Platform

Most companies are now kicking it old school when it comes to advertising by going back to how things were done before: word of mouth and private networks. Those who still want to make things easier for them can go for a bitcoin advertising platform that’s easy to use, understands the language of cryptocurrency, and has the best interests of their clients at heart. One such company is ADconity, a rich media advertising platform that both publishers and advertisers can use easily.

ADconity clients are given the chance to sign up as an advertiser or publisher. They have access to both sections if at some point they want to switch roles as part of their business strategy. Advertisers have the freedom to choose the ad type and format that works best for their company, while publishers can add their site to ADconity and start offering ad space once approved. Once the publisher receives the approval, all that needs to be done is to choose the ad and the corresponding code that they want to place on the site. This user-friendly bitcoin advertising platform ensures that the best quality of service is given to the clients through regular monitoring and evaluation.

Table of Contents


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