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How StepChain Differs From Other Fitness Apps Out In The Market Today

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In a world where daily activities and routines do little to encourage physical exercise, getting in shape and maintaining your fitness is quickly becoming a hard nut to crack. Whether you are looking to lose weight, push yourself to a higher intensity workout or simply improve your consistency, fitness apps can go a long way to help.

The health and fitness industry has been on a growth trajectory with reports showing an annual growth rate ranging between 3 to 4%. One of the factors driving this growth is the proliferation of fitness apps.

The digital revolution is sweeping through multiple industries and the health and fitness industry is not spared. With reports showing exponential growth in the mobile applications market, the digital health market is expected to reach $233.3 billion by 2020. But with so many options to choose from, how would you pick a fitness app that gives you the best tools to help you get or stay in shape.

Well, StepChain (a blockchain-based fitness company) gives you control over your health with an app that rewards you for every step you take towards your fitness journey.

What is StepChain

StepChain is a responsible fitness app that uses the power of blockchain technology to encourage a fitness culture while increasing blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption in rewarding its users with tokens they generate while exercising.

The application is designed to track your progress, earn redeemable tokens called STEP Coins and even participate in global sporting competitions and donation programs.

Through the use of blockchain, the Stepchain app will do all the above without violating user data privacy. User’s data will not be used to advertise or be sold to third parties. Furthermore, users will have full control over their fitness data on the blockchain.

Here are more features that make StepChain stand out from other fitness apps out there.

StepChain Enables Easy Monetization From Sporting Activities

One of StepChain’s main selling points is that it allows you to earn STEP Coins with every step you take. Because the average person takes about 7,000 steps per day, anyone can earn more than 200 STEP coins. These tokens can then be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies or used to buy sports items and services within the app shop . Apart from spending and redeeming step coins, users also get to donate to causes that help reduce obesity and other health problems or contribute to improve the environment. StepChain is sponsoring a young activist who is running across the US “Ocean2Ocean” to alert ocean pollution.

Follow Sam journey on our website Stepchain and youtube channel.StepChain’s “Gamification” For Motivation

In the last few years, the word “gamification” has become a buzzword in business circles. Besides, a Google trend shows that the word has grown in popularity over the years. However, while some may consider it a gimmick, empirical studies show that it is a useful tool towards promoting better engagement among users.

StepChain uses blockchain technology to take the idea of gamification to a whole new level. StepChain’s reward system is more than a monetization program for sports and fitness enthusiasts. The system is designed to motivate users on their health and fitness journey.

By making physical exercise a way to earn STEP coins;basically StepChain propose to mine your coins when you move. StepChain encourages healthy competition as well. Users will be able to see the progress of other users and increase overall activity to match up with the rest of the community.

Easy Integration With Native Apps

Another feature that makes the StepChain app stand out from the rest is the fact that it is designed to easily integrate with native applications such as Google fit or Apple Health. This means users can get a personalized experience with StepChain by linking it to native platforms to get advanced tracking of their physical activities.

Access To A Community Of Like Minded Users

Apart from giving users tools to earn and track their fitness and health activities, StepChain will also incorporate a social layer to its platform. This way, users will be able to interact privately with like minded individuals or share health and fitness tips on the ecosystem. The social layer of the application will also help users encourage one another to achieve their fitness goals. In the future, StepChain users will even have the freedom of setting up challenges and competitions.

StepChain Promotes Philanthropy

Most fitness apps out there offer an easy way to stay motivated and informed while pursuing a healthy lifestyle. However, few use blockchain technology to make the process fun and profitable while promoting philanthropy. StepChain’s simple and straightforward wallet provides users a gateway to earn the STEP coin which can be used on products and services within the StepChain ecosystem, but they can also donate their coins to Philanthropy Organizations. One of StepChain’s objectives is to turn its users into activists for change. The platform will, therefore, partner with philanthropic organizations that can receive donations from StepChain users.


Unlike most fitness apps, StepChain’s no advertisement policy, even on its free version, is a huge advantage. In a world where user data is becoming increasingly valuable, it is common to find a good number of fitness apps with ad-based revenue models. However, Stepchain will go even further to ensure data privacy with a policy that restricts any sort of monetization on a user’s data. All of this is thanks to its business model, a platform’s subscription-based and partnership programs with sponsors in the health and fitness industry which will allow the app to give users a way to earn from physical exercise as they explore the world of cryptocurrencies.

If you wish to know more about StepChain, please visit their website.

Table of Contents


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