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How To Buy Bitcoin Easily With Changelly

Bitcoin has become one of the most trusted currencies right now and more and more people want to invest in it. The rise Bitcoin from a few cents to over $2,000 gained the media attention bringing lots of new Bitcoin enthusiast in the cryptocurrency field. The Bitcoin is not a project where people invested millions of dollars to market it. Instead, the Bitcoin growth is only thanks to its community of people with a common goal: to have a decentralized currency which can protect their privacy better than the banks do.

If you want to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other currency – Changelly is probably the best & easy-to-use exchange for you! With a 0.5% fee, Changelly is one of the most affordable exchanges that exists.

Changelly was launched in 2013 as an instant exchange service, similar to ShapeShift. However, Changelly thought things another way. They aggregate the rates from various exchanges and offer the lowest rate, from which they get 0.5% fixed. The service was created by the MinerGate team, one of the biggest & trustworthy platforms for merged mining.

Using Changelly is also extremly easy and everybody can do it. You can either exchange certain cryptocurrencies between them or buy some of them using USD. Their accepted cards are Visa and MasterCard and the transaction takes only a few minutes. For more details on how to exchange one cryptocurrency to another you can watch this video.

Not only they have a low fee rate, but they also have an Instant Exchange API which can be used by any experienced developer or even by you – to start accepting cryptocurrencies on your e-Commerce website.

Besides this, they have an affiliate program which allows you to earn of the people that use your referral to register on their service. The revenue share percentage is 50%, which mean you will get 0.25% – or about $7 for each Bitcoin exchanged from your referrals.

The Changelly exchange system is the easiest one available – allowing everything to own or exchange their cryptocurrencies within minutes while also keeping your funds secure.

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