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How To Play Crazy Defense Heroes

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Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) is another blockchain game developed by Animoca Brands and it is the expanded and bigger version of the previous game Crazy Kings. The game was launched in December 2017 for iOS and in January 2018 for Google Play. CDH is a blend between free-to-play games and play-to-earn mechanisms using blockchain technology.

Both Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes have mobile versions with a success of over 2 million downloads and over thousands of active players. The two games are part of the bigger picture of Tower Defense Games by Animoca where players will be able to earn Tower tokens by playing these games.

This article will talk about CDH, its development, gameplay, tokenomics, and everything you need to know about this blockchain game. But, before diving in, here is a comprehensive guide on what NFTs are all about if they are new to you, and here is another one on how to make your first NFT from scratch.

All About Crazy Defense Heroes

If you are dreaming of an online game where you can earn by defending towers, then Crazy Defense Heroes is for you. This game needs a lot of strategy in defending a hero’s tower and you can develop your own defensive strategies using spells and the arsenals in the tower. The best thing about this game is that you will have over 400 cards and heroes that you can combine to win boss fights.

Crazy Defense Heroes

CDH features a more sophisticated card upgrade system and resource collections compared to the previous game. It also contains more items, new buildings, more heroes, and a guild system with over 500 levels of frenetic gameplay. Animoca Brands made sure that CDH fits under the Tower Experiment with the goal of building a system that maintains equitability and balance in traditional games that are free while introducing the new features of blockchain technology including NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The basis for Animoca’s tower development is the TOWER token and TOWER platform. Using the ERC-20 fungible utility token for the TOWER platform, they are able to add a franchise for Crazy Kings as well as add the blockchain component for the ecosystem of Crazy Defense Heroes.


The gameplay of CDH revolves around building and upgrading towers in order to starve off creatures like orcs, skeletons, minotaurs, and dragons. In this game, you can join other players in clan quests and even summon dragons to rain fire on your enemies. Other arsenals in the tower can also let you freeze your enemies using blocks of ice or heal your heroes using magic rain.

Crazy Defense Heroes

If you want to have more in-depth knowledge of everything that goes on behind the scenes, you can check the CDH Lightpaper or check out the game trailer here.

About the Developers

Animoca Brands is one of the leading developers when it comes to digital entertainment. They specialize in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and gamification of various products and portfolios of digital creators. Animoca has a broad portfolio behind them including blockchain investments and partnerships with crypto platforms.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Some of the original games developed by Animoca Brands are The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes. They also have products utilizing intellectual properties such as Garfield, Snoopy, Doraemon, Marvel, and WWE.

How To Play Craze Defense Heroes

You can fight in forests, mountains, wastelands, and even customize your defense strategies using different specializations for each tower type. Here are some of the things you can enjoy in CDH:

Build and Upgrade Your Towers

There are over 400 heroes, towers, spells, and equipment cards that you can use. This will let you combine and design unique combinations for better chances of winning. You can also maximize your troop’s power test skills during raids and weekly challenges.

Customize Your Epic Heroes

CDH lets you customize your hero’s avatar and command your army. You can unlock more than 20 heroes to join the tower defense wars and enhance their skills, defense, and movement speed. Even the attacks of the heroes can be customized by the players.  

Crazy Defense Heroes

Lead And Conquer The Kingdom

Essentially, your end goal in CDH is to build a powerful clan and join forces with players from all over the world. You can interact and chat with other players and share materials to help each other earn clan tokens and complete quests. By installing the defensive towers, you can fight off a variety of attack ranges– paving your way toward conquering the entire kingdom.

Other Features of CDH

Aside from the usual quests, Animoca Brands have also created mini-games such as seasonal invasions from minotaurs and dragons that you can fight against with your clan members. The intense boss fights in Crazy Defense Heroes can also set your tower on fire, so you should be careful when engaging in battles. There are new cards to be discovered as more challenges will be revealed by the developers throughout the years.

Crazy Defense Heroes Tokenomics

The total supply of TOWER tokens available is 10 billion, and this is a fixed number minted all at once back in February 25, 2021. There are 6 pools that TOWER is allocated and distributed into.

The play-to-earn pool is allocated the most amount of TOWER, 30% of the supply or 3 billion TOWER. Marketing, liquidity, team, and company reserve come next at 15% each or 1.5 billion TOWER. Finally, the community development fund is allocated 10% or 1 billion TOWER.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Although the coins have been minted, they will not be released all at once. They will slowly be released on a schedule with 50% of the coins released by the end of 2025. This is done to prevent inflation and prevent the market from stagnating completely leaving no tokens for new players to earn.

Crazy Defense Heroes

How To Earn TOWER Tokens

There are currently no plans for TOWER to host a private sale where players can buy TOWER directly from the company. These are the ways that one can earn or obtain TOWER:


This is one of the main methods the developers intend to let players be able to earn TOWER tokens. To earn TOWER through playing, a player can participate in special events like the Grand Tournament Colosseum in Crazy Kings.

Players can also earn TOWER through Crazy Defense Heroes by progressing through the game and earning XP. Additionally, when the Crazy Defense Heroes blockchain game is released, players are also able to earn TOWER tokens more efficiently through that.

NFT Staking

NFT staking is currently unavailable, however, the developers are saying that there will be NFT staking in the future and players can earn TOWER through staking passively. There is no news on when staking will be released, however, they actively make announcements on their Twitter page so you can watch for any updates there.

Crazy Defense Heroes


Private sale of TOWER tokens is not yet available and there are no plans of that happening any time soon. However, you can swap a few tokens in exchange for TOWER. Currently, there are 4 available swapping pairs that support TOWER; ether (ETH), REVV, Lympo (LYM), and SUPER. You may also buy any of the 4 tokens and exchange it directly for TOWER.

How To Claim TOWER tokens

As of now, the players’ activities in the game are recorded in order to determine the number of TOWER tokens that they will be entitled to claim; however, there is still no claim mechanism being released by the developers. The game activity will help track the progress and the players will be given further details soon about the applicable channels where they can claim their tokens.

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