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How To Play Sunflower Land

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Sunflower land

Blockchain games have been around for a while now and they are getting better with time. Today, it’s possible to play blockchain card games, MMORPG, MOBA, and even relaxing games where you can just play casually without the stress and pressure like Sunflower Land.

If you love playing online games while earning, then you’ve probably heard about blockchain games. However, some of the existing games are too complicated and require a lot of skill to master. Sunflower Land is perfect for those who are looking for casual blockchain games where you can just farm and enjoy without putting in too much time and energy into mastering the game.

This article will talk about Sunflower Land and teach you everything you need to know about it– from basics to advanced.

What Is Sunflower Land?

Sunflower Land is a blockchain game released in April. They’re using the Polygon chain to operate and verify the transactions. It is a free-to-play game where you can own the assets you earn in game in the form of rare NFTs. You can farm, cook, gather, fish, craft, and trade the items that you acquire in the game and will be owned by you through the game’s blockchain.

Sunflower Land

The team behind Sunflower Land is very dedicated in building a metaverse that is designed and loved by the members of their community. This is why they also made sure that this game will reflect real life economic supplies as well as designed a built-in mechanism that will automatically make the resources scarcer as time goes by.

Other items in the game can also be collected as exotic and valuable resources that you can share with your friends or list them on trading platforms supported by the game like OpenSea. You can also craft your own unique NFTs through planting, harvesting, fishing, and mining– in other words, you actually have to work for it.

How To Play Sunflower Land

In Sunflower Land, your goal is to gather resources, farm crops, and craft new items that you can sell. Basically everything that you collect in Sunflower Land is identifiable on the Polygon blockchain in the form of Fungible Tokens and NFTs. If your knowledge on NFTs is limited, feel free to check out our comprehensive guide on what NFTs are. This other one will teach you how to create an NFT from scratch.

Sunflower Land

Here’s how to play Sunflower Land and earn while you are enjoying:

Sunflower Farmers

The characters in this game are called the Sunflower Farmers and they are on a mission to farm, fish, craft, trade, and many more things to earn. You can access the character once you have successfully signed up for the game. Always remember to make the most out of your day on the farm so you can earn more profit at the end of the day.

Goblins & Humans

Sunflower Land aims to simplify the learning of the economy through different characteristics of the goblins and the humans. There are key differences between the goblins and the humans and how you can interact with them.

Sunflower Land

Humans facilitate the off-chain gameplay, they explain this as humans inherently being centralized and like to follow a set of rules that make them very efficient. These include; farming, mining, raising animals, chopping wood, exploring and collecting resources, and crafting.

Goblins are innovators and don’t stick to rules, so they create opportunities using NFTs, liquidity pools, and other decentralized activities. However, they are greedy, so they require gas fees in order to process your requests. These on-chain activities are; minting rare items and NFTs, staking in a liquidity pool, withdrawals and deposits, and resource trading.

Create A Farm

Sunflower Land

Before you start creating your farm, you need to make sure that you have a Polygon (MATIC) account. You need to complete the setup using their Web3 browser before you can start playing, and to do this, here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the official game website at Sunflower Land
  • Choose the option that says Connect via Discord (Open Beta)
  • Choose your charity and then proceed to create your farm

It’s pretty easy and before you know it, you have your very own NFT farming simulator. The NFTs will then give you access to the game and will hold the resources that you earn as you go along your fun adventures.

Upgrade Your Farm

When you get the hang of the game and you are confident that you can take on bigger tasks, you can then upgrade your farm. Upgrading your farm will also let you unlock new fields and new types of seeds that you can plant. In order to do this, you must first collect plenty of resources and create a recipe to make for a goblin that protects your land. 

Sunflower Land

Depending on the Sunflower Land that you want, you might need to collect a certain amount of crops and use your Sunflower Land Price (SFL) to be able to unlock the upgrade. Here are the things you need to do in order to successfully upgrade your farm:

  • Talk to the goblins that are blocking the fields that you want to unlock.
  • Visit the town and click on the button that says Kitchen.
  • Create a recipe to make food that the goblins have demanded.
  • Offer it to the goblins and in exchange, you will have your new fields and crops.

Tokenomics And Monetization Strategy

The economics of Sunflower Land is not very complicated. Unlike other blockchain games, the rules of this game are pretty straightforward– farm, harvest, and trade. You need to earn more SFLs in order to upgrade your farm and have a higher profit the more you play. The NFTs you create can also be sold in the marketplace, so it’s really not complicated.

Sunflower Land

Here are some of the things you can do in order to earn in Sunflower Land

Earning Sunflower Land Price (SFL)

The game currency is called the Sunflower Land Price or SFL in short. You need SFLs to craft tools and expand your farm. In order to earn SFL, the quickest thing you can do is to buy farming crops and exchange them into SFLs in the marketplace. 

Here is a simple way for you to earn more SFLs:

  • Harvest the crops you planted when they are ready.
  • Visit the town and click on the marketplace.
  • Sell your crops in the shop and exchange them for SFL.
  • Buy more seed using the SFL that you acquired from the trade.
  • Plant the seeds and wait. You just have to do this repeatedly to eventually earn more SFLs and yield profit that you can use for farm upgrades.

As of September 19, 2022, the current value of SFL is at $0.06972 with a 24-hr trading volume of $26,013.43. If you would like to purchase more SFL, you can visit CoinEx or Quickswap where Sunflower Land tokens are currently trading in.

How To Sync The Game To The Blockchain

All of the progress that you have made in-game are saved when you log out. But in order to do this, you first need to select the ‘Sync on Chain’ option to move your rare NFTs and other resources that you have acquired. It is recommended that the players should do this every 1-3 days to make sure that no progress will be lost.

Mint Items That You Collect

Once you have all the necessary resources that are needed to craft a rare item, head to the Goblin Village to check out the other items that are in store. Also note that you can only view these items once you have synced your account on the blockchain. Once you are in the villages, look for either of the three– blacksmith, tailor, farmer. 

Sunflower Land

Depending on the item that you want to craft and mint, you can go to the specific character in order to help you. Once you have chosen what to create, click ‘Craft’ and accept the Metamask that will appear on your screen. The goblins will then start building your item. During this process, you won’t be able to withdraw. Some items may take time to build and you can view the remaining time underneath the rare item recipe.

Sunflower Land Roadmap

The team behind Sunflower Land are strong believers in the power of community gaming and they made sure to exert all effort possible to make the game more enjoyable where you can customize and build your farming empire. Ideally, the game is designed to be a benchmark for transparency and be crowd-sourced so it can be sustainable.

The 6 months (May to October 2022) roadmap of Sunflower Land includes the release of mineral NFTs, chickens as farm animals, and land expansion for players to explore and use in the early stages of the game. You can check out the full details of the Sunflower Land Roadmap using the link above.

As of now, the Beta version of the game is aimed to strengthen the game community and initiate NFT contracts. Only discord users who have assigned roles in the game can have access during the Beta stage.

Table of Contents


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