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How to win in a trading tournament? A secret strategy

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Hey! As always, we’re supremely excited to be bringing you more opportunities to live the life of your dreams. Freedom is the ultimate power. Cryptocurrency is about giving power to the people the same way that Prometheus brought fire from the Gods to the Earth. At Nominex, we’ve taken everything that is wrong with the world as we know it and turned every con into a pro.

Why is Nominex better?

Although Nominex is derived from “nom”, we won’t bite. In fact, unlike the banks that take a chunk out of your money every day, we have the opposite effect. Dealing with us is better in just about every way.

  1. You can’t be denied access because someone in the office doesn’t like you.
  2. You won’t lose your money because your bank is in the middle of a billion-dollar scandal.
  3. You can start doing business with us in 20 seconds.
  4. You don’t have to pass unknown requirements for the bank to green-light you.
  5. You don’t need to have thousands in your account to join an elite club or be an American (if you’re an “illegal alien”, well, that’s just tough luck as far as banks are concerned).
  6. In parts of the world where there are no banks around for miles, you don’t have to walk around for hours just to be turned down.
  7. If you’re smart about using the right software, you can access the Web from any corner of the Earth, and if you’re really smart you can stay truly anonymous while you’re making and receiving money.
  8. There are no entry barriers.

Entry barriers? What?

There are simply no barriers to entry, which is how Satoshi intended crypto to be. Power to anyone and everyone. Now, after Satoshi vanished, other people started working on his code, which now means there’s about 5% of it left in Bitcoin. So basically imagine your delicious cup of tea diluted with 19 cups of hot water. Hmmm, maybe not (especially if you’re British).

The original legacy was watered down. Like, really watered down. And it’s actually not funny. Because less than half of those 95% are about doing the right thing. We’re seeing the results everywhere.

  • Because the principle of decentralization was broken, centralized exchanges are getting hacked by the dozen.
  • Because the principle of ninja stealth was broken, exchanges are enforcing colossal KYC requirements down users’ throats (thanks for those users, Coinbase!).
  • Because the principle of equality of access was broken (including, by the by, mining centralization and all that), you need to have money to make money. This is really unfair considering billions of people in the world are unbanked and have little or no access to banking services.

The usual thing is happening to crypto that is happening to all good things that were introduced to humankind during the course of history. The rich get richer. The rest is left with the rest.

Miners who can afford tons of expensive equipment are getting millions. Banks who make you pay them for them keeping your money use that money to get even richer. Access to opportunities is severely limited, and pretty much if you were born with no money in a disadvantaged area, you’ll die the same way.

Well, no more.

Nominex won’t betray Satoshi’s vision and make crypto another sacrificial lamb on the altar of corporate cronyism, greed, and shameless manipulations that took place during the banking crisis of 2008 (see The Big Short).

How long should banks and centralized exchanges (read: banks but without banks’ security, reliability, and payment protection) get away with concentrating wealth in one source where all manner of sins lurk under the surface?

Not only do the rich have everyone else’s money. They also do sinister things with it. Danske Bank getting caught in the middle of the biggest (€200 billion) financial scandal in world history. Wells Fargo $2.7 billion fraud court case. HSBC…well, HSBC being HSBC.

“With HSBC, Mexico’s involvement entailed providing money-laundering services to various drug cartels, including bulk movements of cash from the bank’s Mexican unit to the U.S., with little or no oversight of the transactions. It also conducted transactions with Iran, removing references to the country in an effort to conceal them. Lacking in these instances is a corporate culture that prizes integrity. Enabling the business of drug running and state-sponsored terrorism in the pursuit of profit leads to dire societal consequences.”– Investopedia.

Should you give up your money to a bank (IF you’re accepted) so that they can sponsor Mexican drug cartels? The other likelihood is even less inspiring. 500 banks have gone bankrupt since 200 according to FDIC.

Or maybe you can try another alternative.

Nominex makes an emphasis on continuing the work Satoshi started. It begins with a stupendously effective security license from the world’s cybersecurity capital, Estonia, and a specific design feature that allows anyone to make money without being spied on and without entry capital.

Nominex’s tournaments are designed to include absolutely everyone in the process so anyone can get a chance to trade and win. The only requirement is being a good trader. But hey, if you don’t win today, there’s always the next tournament. And the next. And the next.

Nominex awards the lucky winner(s) with considerable sums of real money that they can take out to any destination and use as they see fit.

We’re enamored with the idea of bringing crypto to the masses. Just because we know that if we change the world for the better, we and our children will live in a better place. And love is about giving. So here are the terms of engagement.

Don’t tell anyone, by the way. The exclusive technology provided by Nominex will be our secret. Deal?

How to participate in our tournaments

  • Access the Internet from any place in the world
  • Use Tor to not get tracked
  • Dedicate a couple of hours to listening to a lecture about Mimblewimble and creating complete immunity from payment tracking (Bitcoin is only weakly pseudonymous)
  • Go to https://nominex.io/en/
  • Register without any of your personal details getting passed on to the DEA (we’re nice that way)
  • Try different strategies (you can first test them using the demo mode which we strongly recommend)
  • Participate in and trade every day.
  • Trade and get bonuses pretty much whatever you do. Due to the unique distribution model, everyone who trades on the exchange will receive NMX tokens
  • Get ahead of the crowd before it gets filled with newcomers. Whoops! Bitcoin is getting more and more expensive, going from $9 000 to $10 000 to $11 000 just as we predicted, so soon everyone will be interested and getting good at it. Train on noobs before everybody else!

If you know of a better way of getting thousands of percent of value out of trading, let us know. But we guarantee you that, like Bitcoin, Nominex is the secret to greatness.

Fight traders around the world in the same arena! Today, tomorrow or any day! Every day, many more traders join tournaments.

Trade now, win, take real 100 USDT to any wallet you like everyday!


Table of Contents


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