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HydroMiner – The First Eco-Friendly Mining Business

What is Mining

Mining is the process by which cryptocurrencies are created, and transaction on the network are also verified.

Cryptocurrency remains the only form of currency that people get to mine for themselves. It’s like trying to mint paper money, which of course is illegal, but when it comes to cryptocurrencies, you can acquire as much as you can by yourself as long as you got the resources to do that. Today, cryptocurrencies have become a global sensation known to most people. While still somehow techy and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance.

How CrypytoCurrencies are Generated

Mining is done either by self (solo mining) or through a remote computer (cloud mining). Cloud mining is more like having to use someone else’s computer, somewhere in a remote location, to do the mining for you because over the years as cryptocurrencies appreciate in value, solo mining has become very expensive. Having to mine yourself means you have to buy these expensive high power configuration computers, pay huge electricity bills and also handle cooling as these machines become very hot in the process and tend to shut down at some point.

Cloud mining takes out the stress of having to bother about so many challenges that are associated with mining as you just invest with a mining company that’s able to give you a specific percentage from what you invested over a period.

How it Works

Mining requires a lot of energy, in fact as much energy as a whole country can use over time, individuals and mining organizations, therefore, source for a way of reducing the cost to maximize profit.

Hydro mining has become the best source of power in recent times because it’s cost-effective renewable, eco-friendly energy which makes mining extremely profitable as it reduces the cost of electricity up to 85% of what it should initially cost. This is definitely why it’s the new source of energy everyone is turning to. And this is what Hydrominer do.

What is HydroMiner

HydroMiner is a cryptocurrency mining company in Europe. They are a frontier in the mining industry that makes use of hydro energy thought to be one of the common efficient and lowest-cost renewable energy resources in mining cryptocurrencies on a large scale. With their proprietary water-cooling powered solutions, they’ve been able to maintain a low temperature at very high frequency, which is crucial for the highest potential mining power in the small space available in hydropower stations.

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Why is HydroMiner Useful

As mentioned earlier, HydroMiner saves you the stress of acquiring high configuration computers mainly used for mining, takes of the time required to learn how to use software needed, and most especially, electricity cost which is the most expensive. Considering investing with HydroMiner, therefore, becomes an excellent choice to multiple your cryptocurrencies. HydroMiner does not mine just Bitcoin but all scalable cryptocurrencies. As to what currency is mined is decided by a software algorithm which chooses the best option available at any given time.


The software used will select the most profitable cryptocurrency at a given time. If in a few days there’s something more profitable, Hydrominer will start mining that. But they don’t mine only profitable cryptocurrencies. They also mine undervalued cryptocurrencies which have the potential to grow two or three times over the year.

What HydroMiner ICO Offers and When it Starts

The HydroMiner, through ICO (initial coin offering), is given access to people who would maybe ordinarily not have access to mine bitcoin for themselves to investment funds for a 20% returns on first level funding with no minimum investment and a 25% at the Pre-Sale with a minimum of 50 ETH minimum investment.

HydroMiner pre-sale started on September 25, 2017, while the ICO will start on October 18th, 2017. During the crowdfunding campaign, investors will be awarded the H20 coin which is their exclusive smart contract with each token representing the right to the net profits generated with one watt of energy within their facilities. They plan to launch three hydro power station and two expansions, according to their timeline infographic

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As a person who believes in a eco-friendly environment – I think Hydrominer idea is a great one and it was about time someone would do this. Using renewable energy to mine is a much needed solution in 2017, especially since pollution have a massive impact upon our health. I’m sure the Hydrominer ICO will be a success. Moreover, they should be an example for companies like Bitmain, which haven’t even considered this.

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