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HyperChain Capital CEO: DeFi Offers Great Opportunities For Investors in Cryptocurrencies

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While the entire cryptocurrency market continued to operate and expand all over the world, the CEO of HyperChain Capital, said that the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market offers great opportunities to crypto investors. In the last years, the DeFi market was able to attract a larger number of users that are now enjoying the benefits of decentralized financial solutions. 

DeFi Market Offers Great Investment Opportunities

According to HyperChain CEO, Stelian Balta, they are paying close attention to the crypto market and the DeFi industry. They are currently analysing how different projects are expanding in the DeFi space and how it could be a good opportunity to enter the market. 

About one of the most popular DeFi solutions, Mr. Balta stated:

“I believe DeFi space has a huge opportunity to grow and one of the leaders in DeFi space, Kyber Network, just crossed $1 billion dollars in trading volume and project market cap is worth more than $300 million dollars, which I think is way undervalued.”

Mr. Balta has also talked about other companies and crypto projects, including EOS. He mentioned that they think the best platform to use by videogames developers is EOSIO. One of the companies that are working with EOS is Wax, which added a wide range of virtual goods to the solutions they are providing. 

Balta has also talked about Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency in the world. He mentioned that the virtual currency could work as a hedge to inflation. Specifically, he said that having Bitcoin in an investment portfolio could be attractive at a moment in which currencies are experiencing negative real interest rates. 

The Decentralized Finance market has been expanding in recent years and attracting an even larger number of users. Individuals can start enjoying the decentralized solutions offered by these projects. Although some projects have been very useful for users, some others have been hacked due to bugs in their code. 

This is one of the reasons why we should be careful before investing large sums of money on these projects. Although there could be high returns, it is also possible to be affected by bugs and hacks, which are very common in the crypto market. 

According to data provided by Defi Pulse, the value in U.S. dollars locked in DeFi projects has reached an all-time high of $1.85 billion. Compound is the leader in the market with 34.10% dominance followed by Maker and Synthetix. 

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