Imigize Service Blockchain prepares a revolution for the online stores

Imigize Service Blockchain is the platform for clothes and footwear market participants interactions using the 3D fitting technologies, which is aiming to make the remote online fitting function accessible for all demographic.

 The project goal is to provide a possibility to purchase clothes and footwear online and be sure that the goods will fit and the return won’t be needed.

Imigize contactless fitting service, based on the utilization of latest inner volumes measurement technology is now actively promoted on a pilot basis on the Russian market and received a positive response in three of the largest online stores of shoes in Russia/CIS( Wildberries, Runlab, Sportmaster.) and numerous clients.

Imigize uses an unbelievable technology, the possibilities of which allow measuring inner volumes of not only footwear but also clothes. This will allow the transformation of the whole market, taking away restrictive obstructions for the dynamic development.

It is no secret that the main problem of online shopping lies precisely in the impossibility to guess if the item will fit in size.

The new Imigize Service Blockchain platform aims to overcome these dynamic development obstructions, offering a convenient service for buyers and sellers bringing together all participants of the market interaction in the blockchain ecosystem.

How does it happen?

The fact is that Imigize Service generates a vast amount of data:

  1. customers’ anthropometric data,
  2. clothes and footwear inner volume data,
  3. clothes and footwear bought in stores, size comfort and fitting degree,
  4. individual profiles of clothes and shoes comfort for each customer data,
  5. Imigize service and store service evaluations data,
  6. purchased goods quality customers’ evaluations,
  7. supply, purchases and sales statistics data
  8. rating assessment of interaction of all online market participants,
  9. etc.

These data are of great value to all players, from buyers to manufacturers, financial and investment structures.

Imigize Service Blockchain opens access for all ecosystem participants to that partly quite new and valuable information, using blockchain technology.

All of today’s market participants can enter the Imigize Service Blockchain ecosystem:



suppliers, dealers, distributors,


financial and investment structures,

rating and consulting agencies,

internet search services( Google,Baidu)?

regulators from beyond market,


All interactions within the ecosystem are recorded on the blockchain to guarantee the right of ownership of data. 

All interactions and transactions within the platform are accompanied by the use of the Imigize tokens (IMGZ). These are the utility tokens by its form that allow to do all the settlements between participants, to sell and buy Imigize service data, to use the service itself and to buy clothes and shoes online by prior arrangement with online stores.

 The goal of the Imigize Service Blockchain project is creating a new market community: an ecosystem that could transform the existing world clothes and footwear market by transferring it for the most part online.  

Imigize started the token (IMGZ) ( campaign on 15th of January, 2018 in order to expand the clothes and shoes remote fitting service to the world online markets and to build the blockchain ecosystem. It has already attracted the attention of investors and blockchain and online retail enthusiasts from all over the world.

In recent months Imigize has been participating in the most known forums and conferences all over the globe that specialize in finance and blockchain technology. During the AVCJ forum in Hong Kong that was held in 14-16 November 2017, the Imigize team had the opportunity to meet key representatives of the global finance sector(!) 

In February 2018 Imigize team intends to participate in the fintech and blockchain technology FOW Derivatives(Global Investor Group) forum, which will be held in 06.02.2018 in Israel.

 Imigize is the brand of Everbright Innovations Limited and Imigize Foundation Limited, the headquarters of which are located in Hong Kong. A team of developers and experts with rich experience in various industries and technologies is located in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), where the world’s first measuring center for 3d digitization of shoes is built.

  The founders have invested more than US$ 2 million of personal funds over the course of three years to bring the Imigize service to its current state.

More about Imigize Service Blockchain read on 

About Imigize Service Blockchain:

It is a next-generation technology of online trade, based on the contactless footwear and clothes fitting service. Combining the service with blockchain technology will allow the modernization of the clothes and footwear online trade market, increasing efficiency and giving it a global scope.

Person of contact: Chernik Valery, CЕO Everbright Innovations Limited and Imigize Foundation Limited,


  E-mail address: [email protected]

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