ledger intel 800x500 - Intel and Ledger are Working Side by Side to Integrate Bitcoin Wallet Software and SGX Tech

Intel and Ledger are Working Side by Side to Integrate Bitcoin Wallet Software and SGX Tech

Ledger, one of the most known hardware wallets in the market announced a new partnership with Intel. The intention is to combine Ledger’s Operating system (BOLOS) with Intel’s Software Extension Guard (SGX).

“By deploying Intel SGX, Ledger’s security for blockchain solution gains instant scalability across Intel8th Generation core platforms,” the General Manager of Platforms Security Division at intel, Rick Echeverria reported news.bitcoin.

Is not the first time that Ledger searches for a partnership in the security field. In October, Ledger joined Gemalto, a world leader in digital security, to deliver security infrastructure for crypto assets applications. In this way, Ledger believes that its expansion comes collaborating with other leading enterprises in technology.

The idea behind this partnership is to create an “enclave”, in which private keys could be stored and transactions could be generated and signed.

“Following the launch of a line of hardware wallets based on our operating system integrated in a secure chip, working with a leading player like Intel is a unique opportunity to keep providing our growing client base with innovative solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications,” Eric Larchevêque, Ledger’s CEO told CoinDesk.

Some enterprises are ready to utilize the new solution provided by Intel and ledger. Electrum and MyEtherWallet would be the first wallets that would be available with this technology.

Intel was working before with 2 Inc, a secretive Bitcoin start-up. Intel was responsible of two generations of 21 bitcoin mining chips, a 0.57 w/GH 22nm FinFET chip and a 0.22 2/GH 2nm chip.

Image source: CoinDesk

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