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Introducing HashLoot, Best Hash Games Platform on BNB Chain that can double your BNB instantly

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Introducing HashLoot, Best Hash Games Platform on BNB Chain that can double your BNB instantly

Integrating online betting with crypto on blockchain, HashLoot is an easy-to-play hash games platform on BNB Chain. Their mission is to make blockchain technology to mass adoption by introducing fun decentralised betting hash games to the public.

What is HashLoot?

HashLoot is the latest and hottest decentralised block hash betting lottery game in the market now. It uses the transparency and the randomness of the blockchain hash to determine players win loses and also ensure fairness. Users will place their bets in “Even” or “Odd” numbers and interact with the contract directly and the contract will determine Win/Lose instantly based on the hash generated. Any winnings will be sent to the player almost instantly once the hash for the transaction is generated. Player’s bet will be doubled instantly, it’s that simple!

How To Play Even/Odd on HashLoot

Use a decentralised wallet and copy the designated betting address to transfer then place a bet by using the last digit of the transferred amount.

e.g. $101.1 – ODD, $1000 – EVEN

How To Check Results

When you win, odds of 1.98 of your deposits will be automatically returned to your wallet.

Winning Example

1. Transfer amount: 0.0401 BNB, hash: ….34ff9ae → win 0.079398 BNB

2. Transfer amount:100 BUSD, hash:….34ff2ae → win 198 BUSD

3. Transfer amount:100.00001 USDT, hash:….34ff9ae → win 198.0000198 USDT

Why Are Hash Games Random and Fair?

Block hash value is the DNA of a piece of data, and each block hash value is unique, random, and unbreakable.

HashLoot is basically a betting entertainment system that allows users to play and win rewards based on prevailing odds. From the point of view of blockchain, it will generate a sequence of pseudo-random numbers and keep in temporary storage where a hash sequence is generated. The sequence is then stored on the blockchain. Then, you can place a bet and wait for the hash sequence to be revealed to know whether you win or lose in this odd/even hash game.

Ongoing Promo

HashLoot currently has two attractive bonuses for the new players to double their crypto earning as below.

Event 1: Welcome Bonus – Play $2,000, Get $20 Instantly

Event 2: Active Users Rewards – Play 50 rounds and get $18 instantly

How To Play With Crypto Wallet via Telegram Bot @hashloot_bot

Benefits of HashLoot

Instant Deposits and Payouts

HashLoot provides instant payouts for all won bets. You don’t have to check the transaction hash for win/lose for every bet transaction. Just bet, sit back, relax and everything is done automatically.

Easy-To-Play Hash Games

There’s no entry barrier for people who are new to crypto betting after they set up their crypto wallet. Everything is fast and easy.

Flexible Bet Amounts

The minimum bet amount at HashLoot is 10 USDT. Players can choose the amount they want based on their bankroll and strategy.

Why Hashloot Is the Future of Crypto Lottery Game

Most of the online casinos lack transparency which cause allegations of scams and fraud frp, their users. Blockchain technology helps to solve this by giving full transparency to all online betting lovers.

HashLoot is secure and offers great transparency to everyone and this might be the perks of the blockchain betting that make the mass adoption of online betting using blockchain technology.

Follow them for more exclusive updates here:

Website: https://hashloot.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/hashlootio
Twitter https://twitter.com/HashLoot


Table of Contents


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