IOTA Launches Academy For Users To Learn More About The Tangle And Its Different Uses

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The IOTA Foundation has recently announced the launch of the IOTA Academy. The goal is to support teach users about the Tangle technology and how it works. The information was released by IOTA in a blog post on April 25.

IOTA Launches the IOTA Academy

The IOTA Foundation announced on April 25 that it launched the first international IOTA academy program with the IOT1 Academy located in Berlin and Shanghai. The IOTA Foundation will be offering online training and blended training for coders and developers. This would allow enthusiasts, students, corporate project managers and interested individuals to learn about IOTA, its technology and the potential of this network.

At the moment, it is possible to purchase the courses online entering As per the blog post, this will be offering hands-on experience and practical approach with different code examples.

Holger Köther, Director of Partner Management at the IOTA Foundation, commented:

“We are excited to offer a structured online and onsite training framework with curated content and individual participant support carried out by one of the most experienced partners in the corporate training field. We believe an investment into IOTA Education, as well as acquiring deep knowledge in short time will be of great benefit for corporates, engineers, and developers to actively shape the upcoming IoT, Machine-to-Machine ecosystems.”

The first training access starts on April 26 with the “IOTA Onboarding Course for Developers.” Coders that want to start developing their own applications on the IOTA Tangle can start learning about it.

Some of the main contents in this course include:

  • Basic understanding of IOTA and its technology
  • Overview of the IOTA ecosystem and its applications
  • Overview of programming libraries and resources
  • Sending and receiving transactions and messages through the Tangle
  • Sending and receiving data streams with the MAM library

The format of the courses is different. There are three different versions, pure digital through an application, blended training with an application and direct contact through messenger, and finally a blended seminar with an application, direct contact using messenger and onsite seminars in Berlin.

At the time of writing this article, IOTA (MIOTA) is the 16th largest digital asset in the market. Each coin can be purchased for $0.266 and it has a market capitalization of $741 million.

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