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Is BestMixer.io or ChipMixer the Best Bitcoin Mixer of 2019?

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After reviewing the two leading bitcoin mixers, it’s clear that only one can be called the best

Which is the best bitcoin tumbler of 2019? The choice comes down to the two leading BTC mixers – BestMixer.io and ChipMixer. Although it’s impossible to gauge exactly how many users each platform has, one thing is clear: No other bitcoin mixer is getting as much attention than these two. Which has the right to call itself the best bitcoin mixer of 2019?

While each platform has dedicated users coming to defend their favorite platform on the forums, there is hard evidence supporting the claim that ChipMixer does not provide the level of anonymity that they claim. The problem stems from the fact that after a thorough analysis, the BestMixer.io team discovered that all chips and chip transactions run through the ChipMixer platform are known and visible to anyone.

To prove the point, BestMixer.io’s team released a website that can search for both chips and specific BTC wallet addresses on ChipMixer. That’s extremely troubling news for anyone who has ever used their service or plans to use it in the future. The point of using a bitcoin mixer is to ensure that no one can trace your transactions. However, it appears that if you use Chipmixer, your transactions are not only visible, but can easily and instantly be traced back to a wallet source.

BestMixer.io, on the other hand, does not suffer from such a problem. Instead, the development team at BestMixer.io has built the platform to ensure it adapts to the latest advances in blockchain technology. That translates to total security for you and your digital assets in a way that leaves you with total confidence about the state of your anonymity.

The way a bitcoin mixer works is simple. You send your bitcoin into the mixer, the mixer breaks your BTC apart and mixes it in with bitcoin belonging to other clients like yourself. Finally, you receive pieces of BTC that didn’t originally belong to you. The result is clean BTC that has no trace of its original source. That means that anyone trying to investigate where your bitcoin has come from won’t be able to track it back to your sending wallet – the trail will stop cold. This animated video will show a simple way how to anonymize BTC.

Why does this matter for you as a cryptocurrency user or investor? Scam artists, hackers, and government authorities are all investing big money and time into figuring out who owns what on the blockchain. You don’t want anyone figuring out your wallet balance because, if it’s juicy enough, you’ll become a target. Even if you don’t have a high balance, you might make easy prey for a sophisticated thief. Through blockchain analysis, bad actors can figure out not only how much your wallet is worth, but also which IP address it’s connected to and, ultimately, what the owner’s name and physical address are.

You don’t want any of those pieces of information to be compromised, so it’s of the utmost importance that you use a high quality bitcoin mixer like BestMixer.io, which is far and away the best BTC mixer of 2019.

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Table of Contents


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