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JUICE Finance Airdrop Campaign: Earn Points On 2 Or More Airdrops At The Same Time

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Key Takeaways

  • JUICE Finance is a borrowing and lending platform where lenders can potentially earn more interest by offering their assets as collateral and allowing users to borrow up to three times their value.
  • JUICE Finance is a cross-margin lending protocol built on the Blast ecosystem’s Layer-2 solution.
  • JUICE Finance integrates a points system that rewards users for their activity. These points can improve your eligibility for receiving airdrops of new cryptocurrencies within Blast’s ecosystem.

What Is JUICE Finance?

JUICE Finance is a decentralized and permissionless lending protocol that enables lenders to access leverage up to three times the value of their collateral for utilization on decentralized applications (DApps) constructed within the Blast ecosystem.

The project offers cross-margin lending functionalities and operates with Blast’s native rebasing tokens such as native ETH, WETH, and USDB.


The JUICE Finance platform has three features:


JUICE Finance lets you earn interest on your USDB or WETH holdings without risking impermanent loss, and you do not need to monitor your investment constantly.


By collateralizing WETH or an LRT, borrowers can leverage up to three times their initial deposit. Subsequently, borrowers can reutilize their deposited collateral to obtain additional funds, which can then be deposited into integrated DeFi vaults, allowing them to earn yields, rewards, and points.

Farming Vaults

Borrowers who deposit their borrowed USDB or WETH into JUICE Vaults, integrated with DeFi protocols such as Thruster, Hyperlock, Wasabi, and Particle, can generate yields.

Airdrop Campaigns

Its developers have shared that JUICE Finance features a points system that rewards users for their activity, making them more likely to be chosen for exclusive airdrop campaigns within the Blast ecosystem in the future.

On its “About” page, JUICE Finance mentions that lenders and borrowers can earn gas rebates, qualify for its developer airdrop, and participate in ongoing airdrops like the Bigbang airdrop.

The team also reassured JUICE users that they would also be able to accumulate Blast points using the protocol’s main features.

JUICE Finance Airdrop Tutorial

Outlined in its roadmap, JUICE Finance indicated that an airdrop season would occur after the launch of its testnet program and mainnet, both of which have been completed. JUICE Points, a point system, and a leaderboard are now live in fulfillment of this commitment.

Here are the steps on how you can join:

👉STEP 1: Head over to https://app.juice.finance/.

👉STEP 2: Connect to your Web3 wallet.

👉STEP 3: Obtain points by:

  • Lending (3x points are awarded) 
  • Borrowing
  • Using JUICE vaults
  • Referring new users

👉STEP 4: Monitor your points at https://app.juice.finance/leaderboard

Final Thoughts

Please be aware that the specific date for the airdrop has not been provided. Additionally, the details regarding the rewards remain undisclosed, including whether JUICE will introduce its native token.

Table of Contents


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