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Karmaverse Zombie: Review and Overview

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Karmaverse Zombie:

Many crypto enthusiasts and online gamers are looking forward to the release of Karmaverse, the newest blockchain game that will hit the market soon. Karmaverse is a blockchain game in the metaverse that contains all the previous games that were produced by the developers so far including toolboxes for the community to build similar games using the same platform as the game.

There are many things you should look forward to in Karamaverse, like avatar NFT collections that you can freely create, edit, and trade. You can also look forward to the Karmaverse marketplace where you can sell and auction NFTs and tokens, including limited edition items that cannot be generated ever again. If you are new to NFTs, you don’t have to worry, this comprehensive guide explains what they are all about, and this other one will educate you on how to sell NFTs on marketplaces.

That said, this piece will help you learn and explore the Karmaverse Zombie blockchain game including all its features and gameplay.

What Type Of Game Is Karmaverse Zombie?

There are actually many types of games that you can find in the Karmaverse, and Zombies is one of them. In this game, you will be dealing with zombies that are divided into categories, including rare zombies that you can collect in the form of NFTs. Karmaverse Zombie is a play-to-earn blockchain game that you can download on Google Play or the Apple Store


Karmaverse Zombies is part of the Karmaverse metaverse composed of several GameFi and SocialFi elements that are built using blockchain technology from Polygon. The players will be called the Karmanauts and they can use NFTs to transfer some assets between Karmaverse games or sell them to other players on the platform. Basically, Karmaverse contains multiple games produced by Karma Games and you can enjoy them all on their official website.

This particular game under the Karmaverse is their exciting new addition to the roster. Karmaverse Zombie is a new NFT social game where you can assemble survivors, build shelters, and forge a new future together for humanity to defeat the Zombies. This game is focused on survival and domination in a world-infested mutants and zombies. 

Karmaverse Zombies Gameplay

Like the other characters in the Karmaverse, the zombies are divided into five categories based on their rarity and number of stars– the rarer your zombie is, the stronger their abilities will be. Your goal in this game is to win a battle to gain a 5% chance of capturing a new type of zombie that you eventually cure and turn into a fighter. ‘

You can check out your likelihood of acquiring a rare zombie based on the table below: 


As you can see from the table above, you need to look out for zombies that have 5 stars because they are the rarest of all. Another thing you should know about this game is that the spawn rate of the zombies is affected by the game’s DBAS mechanism.

The DBAS or the Dynamic Balance Adjustment System is the developers’ way of creating the perfect combination of playing for fun and playing to earn. The creators made sure that Karmaverse Zombie is crafted to be strategic and at the same time players can truly emerge and enjoy themselves in the metaverse. 

To put it simply, DBAS is used to find a balance between all the game dynamics and the economy’s production and consumption of the game tokens. The DBAS is for when the game consumption drops, incentives can be provided to ensure that players will still spend their tokens. By doing this, the investments in the game will still increase as players get discounts and offers. It’s kind of like how ETH operates with gas fees– when the transactions across the chain decrease, the gas fees will also be decreased to give some breathing room for the traders.

Karmaverse Zombie Storyline

After an outbreak happened where a virus is spreading and eradicating the human race, mutants and zombies are now spawning from all over the world. The human survivors have trained to become better fighters and stick together to build shelters and survive, while working towards their aim to eliminate the zombie race.

Each player will be required to build one shelter and they will be controlling a fighter represented as an NFT that players can sell and trade within the game. In order to survive, you need to build a team of powerful fighters to create an undefeatable fight club that will be able to resist a zombie horde and win against other competitive players.

Here is a quick guide to learn more about Karmaverse Fighters:


Each fighter card is unique and you can collect them in the form of NFTs with personalized avatars, unique capabilities and bonuses. Once you have a fighter on your team, the character will completely belong to you and how you use them will be purely up to you. The Karmaverse developers will not be able to stake any claim or control over your fighter. This character cannot be stolen or modified if you are not the owner.

Fighters, like zombies, also have different rarities, level, color, combat rating, and bonuses. You will also get special skills and unique attributes for each fighter. 1-star fighter are the most common ones while 5-stars fighters are the rarest and the most powerful among all of them.


Each fighter in the Karmaverse has one of the five colors below:


The colors are assigned to each player so when they go to battle, you can determine the strength and weaknesses of the fighter based on their colors. The colors will also affect the fighter’s interactions with each other and it can determine the bonuses you will get.


In order to increase a fighter’s level, you should use food and training to increase their combat rating and stats. Fighters are actually not picky eaters, but you can feed them their favorite foods to enhance their power even faster. After the fighter has reached their peak maximum level, it will then be promoted to rise in rank and within the shelter.


What is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of Karmaverse?

Each game in the Karmaverse has their own unique art style, history, narrative, maps, music, and complete game world. The developers of the game aim to build more tools that will enable the players to build their own Karma Worlds within the entire metaverse and allow everyone to contribute their own stories and creations into the game.


The game’s Dynamic Balance Adjustment System also does more than just regulate and uphold balance between the game elements and economics. It also functions as a way for the developers to tell if there is a need to increase a player’s money earned after a successful transaction, so when you do something that uses your in-game tokens, you get an extra reward.

This economic and elemental balance in the Karmaverse Zombie game is what makes it more appealing to potential investors. The DBAS will help you avoid possible problems in the future and steer the game in the right direction.

Tokenomics And Monetization Strategy 

The in-game tokens of Karmaverse are called the $Knot and the total amount is now at 210,000,000. This will be the main utility token that will be used in the game including in Karmaverse Zombies. Here is the allocation in detail:


Except for those who have invested early in the game, the terms of allocations might be adjusted according to the community growth and development of the game. The tokens will not be issued until the game actually enters its expected growth rate. $Knot will have key utilities in each game in the Karmaverse and you can mint a new NFT using your purchased $Knot tokens.

The Game Finance Incubator will be working with other developers to encourage the players to build new games in the Karmaverse metaverse. Their blockchain will be granting them the chance to join and foster a creative ecosystem where a positive cycle within the community will be generated for better engagement.

Notable Investment Partners

Some of the notable investment partners of the Karmaverse include:


Karmaverse Zombie Release Date

The Karmaverse games are scheduled to be released during the Q4 of 2022.


It will include the SLG gameplay, the continuation of community activities, and the revealing of other game universes within the Karmaverse. During the same time, the game will continue its decentralization and will be releasing minigames that players can try online.

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