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Key Differences between BTC Casino & Fiat Casino

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Avoiding the legislative constraints

Many countries in the world placed a ban on most or all forms of online gambling, which prevents players from enjoying their favorite pastime due to legal boundaries. Online Bitcoin Casino venues utilize the advantages of blockchain technology which keeps all cryptocurrency transactions anonymous. This means that you can deposit funds from your wallet, enjoy the unchallenged gaming experience, and withdraw your winnings without getting into trouble with your local law enforcement.

Fast and cheap transactions

When you use a credit card to send money to your online casino account, there’s usually a waiting period for the approval of your transaction. Furthermore, in case your local currency is not the same as the one used for betting there are conversion fees that you need to settle and that’s just a waste of good money.

When you want to test your luck at a BTC casino, the transfers are virtually instantaneous as with any other blockchain-based transaction. Since you deposit Bitcoin and use the same cryptocurrency to place bets, there are no conversion losses to take into account. Moreover, the withdrawal is also faster than it’s the case with Fiat currency casinos.

Bitcoin Casino venues provide provably fair games

When you wager your money on a certain outcome you want to make sure that nobody is controlling the final result of the event. Blockchain allows casino server to send you an encrypted hash that can’t be altered by anyone. This hash contains the outcome of your bet, and you can decrypt it when the results of your wager come in to confirm the authenticity of the aftermath.

However, you won’t get provably fair games with every cryptocurrency-based betting platform. You should look for a BTC casino that clearly states they offer this amazing feature. Only when you are certain you’ve come to the right place should you lay back and play confirmable unrigged casino games.

A BTC Casino doesn’t need your data

Fiat casinos ask for credit card information, as well as personal info such as home address and other data that you might want to keep for yourself instead of leaving it on some server where anyone could access it. When you create an account at a Bitcoin casino, your private information is your own, there is no need to create a personalized account filled with sensitive information that someone might take advantage of.


Bitcoin casinos provide a seamless gaming experience with full respect for your privacy. Furthermore, the transactions are faster, and you can forget about conversion rates and long approval periods. All things considered, BTC casinos dominate in terms of performance and functionality comparing to their fiat currency counterparts.


John Asher

John Asher

I am a crypto-enthusiast that likes to write about the blockchain industry. Mostly, I'm interested in the gaming industry and how it will revolutionize in-game asset ownership.

Table of Contents


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